Are You Dating A Married Man? Find Out With A Reverse Phone Search

Are You Dating A Married Man? Find Out With A Reverse Phone Search

Some people may be down with dating a married man, thinking that it might not be cheating at all. However, many others don’t care for the idea and they try to find a phone number finder service that can help them find out if their date is cheating on their spouse. Many people who have not done a search may wonder how they can date a guy who’s married. The simple answer is don’t ever do it.

Being attracted to someone is normal, even if that someone is already married. Men do it all the time. Women may show a bit more restraint when showing their attraction for married guys. However, the issues begin if someone acts on their attraction. Women may try to rationalize and justify what they are thinking of doing. But until they have actually started on the first step of that journey, they may still be forgiven for their oversight of common courtesy.

And here is the truth that most women would try to deny, but is still an actual fact. You are wasting your time when you try and chase after a married man.

Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why.

  1. Once a cheater, always a cheater. There is a small chance that the cheating husband will leave his wife for his side-chick, but there is no assurance that he will be faithful once he left his wife and family behind. And statistics can back this claim up as well. For first-time marriages, the divorce rate can be quite high depending on the state or city that you’re in. But this rate goes up even higher as you go up in the number of marriages that you have had. So, even if a woman manages to get a married guy to divorce his wife, there’s no guarantee that he won’t get divorced from his next spouse.

  2. Married men often don’t want to leave their wives, even if they are cheating on them. It’s true that this gets thrown about a lot when faced with couple’s therapy. But the fact remains that they wouldn’t want to leave their wives, even if they are taking in a woman at the side. You might take a look at the way the man behaves and ask why would someone treat his partner really bad and not ask for a divorce?

    The answer is simple. He’s a stone-cold jerk, that’s why. Think about how he treats his wife and ask yourself if you really expect him to treat you any better.

    Half of all marriages end up with the divorce route after they see any factual evidence of unfaithfulness. In more than half of these cases, the wife ends up leaving the husband. What do you think will happen if this is your affair? You can expect the husband to beg his wife to take him back instead of leaving her for you.

  3. Don’t expect the married guy to choose you even if he decides to leave his wife. You’ve heard it all from him, saying every time that he is so unhappy with his marriage. He says he wants to leave his wife and that you are the only person who tries to understand him.

    It is the presence of opportunity that tempts or encourages men to cheat. It is not about who they’re doing the cheating with. This is when their side chicks will discover that a married man may say that he wants to leave his wife, but end getting “me time” after the divorce proceedings are over.

  4. You need to give more importance to yourself. The first step is to ask yourself why you deserve to be treated like a mistress, and why you are okay with being treated that way. There is nothing to pride yourself in if you are the side chick. You are kept as the shameful secret that should not be discovered by anyone. You don’t experience all of the things that a healthy married relationship can help you experience, like going on dates without the fear of being seen by others, or meeting your man’s family and friends. You will not be able to build your relationship with trust as your foundation. He will always hide something from you.

    You know you deserve better. And when you actually stop and think about it, so does his wife. There are other fish in the pond, so why don’t you leave that cheater behind and find someone who wants you and only you.

You can’t even claim that this only happens to ordinary people. There are celebrity husbands who cheat on their wife, sometimes with help. Take the example of Mindy Mann, who Gwen Stefani, then wife of Gavin Rossdale, who was hired as a nanny. She had it made, she was a nanny for one of the more popular celebrity couples. But there was evidence that she had an affair with Gavin, and the evidence was somehow inside the family iPad. So, Stefani divorced Rossdale and Mann lost it all in the aftermath.

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