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10 Tips For Finding Mr. Right

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finding mr. right

Have you been looking for Mr. Right and just keep meeting Mr. Wrong? Do you need a dating makeover and a whole new approach to men.  Wouldn’t you rather your life played like a romantic comedy than a drama? Then check out these 10 tips for finding Mr. Right. 

Have a Killer Online Dating Profile

On your profile, you should include a selfie, a full body photo, and an image that shows off your personality. allows you to have multiple photos on your profile.  Be clear about what you want in Mr. Right and what you are looking for.  Don’t be afraid to define characteristics. Be exactly who you are, your profile is your chance to stand out from the crowd.  So your profile picture and about you section should really shine. Include your likes, interests and something unique about yourself as well as your goals.  

Go To New Places

“By now you should realize that your ordinary hangout isn’t the place to meet extraordinary men,” says Dr. Phil.  If you haven’t run into Mr. Right by now in your regular coffee shop or pub then it’s time to mix things up! Frequent places that the type of man you are looking to attract would hang out.  If you are looking for an artsy type of guy, hang out near galleries. If you are looking for a business man, hang out at a wine bar near your business district. Join a new gym if you are looking for an athlete.  

Ask to be Set Up by Friends

Getting set up through your friends is a great way to meet men you otherwise wouldn’t have met or may have passed over.  Don’t feel embarrassed about asking to be set up, good friends will want to see you happy and will feel honored to help you meet Mr. Right.  

Take a Class or Course

Taking a class or a course is a great way to meet single men who are bettering themselves.  A cooking class or a boxing class would be the perfect place to meet. And a total meet cute for your romantic comedy.  

Look and Feel Your Best

Attracting a man will require you to be at your best internally and externally.  Whatever your body type is, dress to flatter it and walk with confidence. A man can sense if you are insecure and confidence is sexy.  Make sure you look your best when you are going out or going on a date. Men love a woman’s eyes so accentuating your eyes and locking eye contact with them will win them over.  

Visit Target Rich Environments

Once you’ve figured out what kind of guy you are looking for think about where this type of guy would hang out.  That is where you need to be. Depending on who Mr. Right is for you, you may need to frequent music festivals, sporting events, bookstores, coffee shops, church events, art galleries, farmers’ markets, the hardware store, yoga studios,

Have a Strategy for Meeting New Men

Once you are going to new places you are sure to meet new men.  Don’t sit in a corner, be in the center of the crowd where you can be seen.  Have some talking points prepared so you don’t have any awkward pauses in your conversation.  Kind of like an elevator pitch but on a personal level. Also have some conversation fillers ready to go which can include your hobbies, current events/news or travel.  For a list of ice breakers, click here.  

Make Him Feel Comfortable

If a man feels comfortable and believes that you are interested in him, he is more likely to open up to you and show interest in you.  When he introduces himself and shakes your hand, hold it for a few seconds. In conversation make sure to keep eye contact with him and ask him questions about himself.  Everyone loves to talk about themselves. Touch his arm briefly while talking to let him know you are interested.

Act the Part of Mrs. Right

Make sure your body language suggests you are interested in Mr. Right.  If you are twirling your hair or slumped over it will give off the vibe that you are bored or uninterested.  Make him feel special and really listen to him when he is talking. Ask him follow up questions and engage with what he is saying to make him feel like a star.  Mr. Right wants a Mrs. Right that’s going to exude confidence.

Run a Person Search

To make sure Mr. Right isn’t Mr. Wrong run a Person Search to find out information like if he has a criminal background or is a sex offender.  Or if he is already married. You will also get access to his social media accounts, phone numbers, email addresses, current & previous addresses and job & education history so you will know if his stories line up or if he has been embellishing to impress you.  

Make sure before you get caught in a whirlwind of a romance you run a Person Search with Kiwi Searches and check out your potential Mr. Right.  Finding Mr. Right will take some work but will definitely work with these tips and the effort.  Have fun living in your own personal romantic comedy and may you meet the one!


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