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4 Uses and Benefits of Finding a Phone Remotely

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Mobile phones nowadays are no longer just for phone calls and text messages. In fact, millions of business deals and formal/legal transactions are accomplished over the phone every day. So losing one is more than just losing the device itself as the risks and disadvantages come with losing access to personal accounts, confidential data, and important files.

Most devices now are designed with built-in location tracking or are linkable to Apple and Google accounts. But for optimum efficiency, here’s the best way to find a phone location.


Locate a Phone Feature: Instances it Could Come in Handy

Thanks to various tech advancements, anyone – even less tech-savvy users – can now find a phone number’s location and generate extensive reports whenever they need/want to. And if you’re still wondering why you might have to initiate such a search, here are some of the most common reasons.


  • To Locate a Lost Phone

Phone tracking services can determine all known locations, making it a cost-efficient way to find your misplaced or lost cell phone. This could come in handy if your device is on silent mode or has been drained in which the trick of calling and following the sound just won’t work.

  • To Retrieve a Stolen Device

When you run a locate a phone search, you can gain access to the complete list of all recorded GPS locations on the device in question. These details can significantly help you or even legal authorities to track and catch thieves, as well as to retrieve your phone.

  • To Check Someone’s Whereabouts

Locating a device also comes in handy for employers who wish to closely monitor all business transactions and on-site operations. This feature can also greatly help parents who wish to ensure their kids are safe.


  • To Acquire Other Valuable Information

Aside from mobile locations, phone number lookup sites also grant users access to various other valuable information, including the owner’s personal details, public records, and all other associated digital accounts. 


How to Track a Phone in 3 Quick and Easy Steps

In the same way that there are various reasons why one might have to track a phone, there are also several ways to do so. Aside from built-in features, several tracking apps are available in App Store and Google Play Store. But if you wish to steer yourself from the hassle of downloading third-party apps or installing different programs, there are now web-based platforms that offer similar – or even better – services. Several sites also present such details in Google Maps-like format for quicker and easier access.

Kiwi Searches, for instance, has algorithms designed to instantaneously generate a list of all known locations associated with the phone number. Moreover, by using this smart and innovative digital search platform, you can avoid time-consuming processes and all the hassles that come with manual searching.

  • Access

Using any internet-enabled device, navigate to the official website of Kiwi Searches and go to the Phone Search Page.  

  • Search

On the designated search bar, type in the digits of the phone number linked to the device you wish to find, including the area code. Hit Enter and wait for the site to finish collating the relevant information. 

  • Browse

When prompted, click on the View Full Report button. Provided that you have an active membership at the time of the search, you should be able to instantly view the report and receive a copy in your email. You could go straight to the locations section of the report to find the device you’re looking for; the other details should also be properly categorized and comprehensively presented.


Find a Phone and Lookup a Number: Why Kiwi Searches

Kiwi Searches has been providing tech-advanced search services and generating high-quality reports for over a decade now. To date, it’s one of the most trusted and widely used data lookup sites to track phone locations. Here’s why.

  • It’s Accessible and Convenient

Unlike other phone trackers, you won’t have to install third-party apps or programs with Kiwi Searches. It’s an all-in-one platform and all you need to do is access the site using any internet-enabled device to utilize its smart and innovative tracking features. 

Kiwi Searches is designed in a way that even less tech-savvy users should be able to take advantage of its services without hassles and troubles. 


  • It’s Intuitive and User-Friendly

The general user interface is strategically designed to make it easier for anyone to navigate through the platform. Kiwi Searches is programmed with multi-layered algorithms but its actual dashboard is straightforward and user-friendly.

At Kiwi Searches, all buttons, tools, and functions are carefully placed to ensure the utmost convenience and efficiency.

  • It’s Smart and Tech-Advanced

One of the main goals of the site is to provide instant and effective search services. Hence, Kiwi Searches is programmed with the most advanced programming codes and algorithms. The back-end control panel dashboard is running on smart and innovative technologies.

Plus, Kiwi Searches databases are heavily secured and protected to prevent data exploitations and privacy breaches.

  • It’s Extensive and Comprehensive

Aside from the customer-facing dashboard, the actual reports generated are easy to read and easy to understand. All details are smartly categorized and neatly presented to avoid misunderstandings.

Moreover, with Kiwi Searches, you can rest assured that the searches are in-depth and thorough. 

  • It’s Cost-Efficient and Reliable

Unlike other sites of its kind, Kiwi Searches only collates information from trusted sources and official databases. This is to ensure the reliability and credibility of all generated reports.

And since the site is programmed with and run by high-end technologies, you should encounter minimum to no technical issues while using the site.


Conclusion: Is Kiwi Searches a Risk-Free Way How to Find a Lost Phone?

The phone number tracking feature of Kiwi Searches is one of the most reliable and credible in the industry. On top of its high-performance search and locate algorithms, it showcases high-end security protocols. So unless you specifically use the platform and the reports for illegal and unlawful purposes, you shouldn’t have to worry about ramifications or consequences. 

Kiwi Searches is risk-free and hassle-free. And overall, it’s a cost-efficient platform to find a phone. 


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to find out who a phone number belongs to?

The easiest and most efficient way is to use a reliable exclusive phone search site like Kiwi Searches. Reports include phone locations, owner details, digital accounts, and so much more.

  • How to find a phone number’s location using Kiwi Searches?

Go to the official Kiwi Searches site and navigate to the Reverse Phone Search page. Type in the number and hit Search. Then once prompted, click on the View Full Report button and start browsing.

  • What makes Kiwi Searches better than Google in finding phone locations?

Unlike Google, Kiwi Searches is specifically programmed for phone tracking. Hence, when running a search, you’re instantly prompted with the most relevant information. You won’t have to browse through and filter multiple search results pages.

  • Is Kiwi Searches a legal mobile tracker tool?

Yes. Kiwi Searches adheres to all laws and regulations in all states and regions it operates in. Provided the reports are used for legal and lawful purposes, you should be able to freely and safely use the platform.

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