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4 Ways To Stay Safe On Labor Day

By on 2018-08-31 13:21:00, 1 Comments

Labor Day

Labor Day, the last holiday of the summer, is always a favorite. Most people view it as another day off from work, but it does have significance. It celebrates the social and economic achievements of American workers. Whether you’re having a BBQ or hitting the beach, enjoy your well deserved day off with family and friends. While I encourage you to live your weekend to the fullest, you still need to keep safety in mind. After all, you do need to return to work on Tuesday, and in one piece. Here are my top 4 ways to stay safe this federal holiday, because who doesn’t love a Monday off?

1. Be Careful What You Post

Most of us will be drinking this weekend, however, make sure not to post these moments. You definitely don’t want your employer finding you online and seeing you intoxicated on social media. Or saying something you didn’t mean when you were drinking. Embarrassing photos may not matter as much in college, but for the workplace, keep your integrity and stay off social during these moments. That’s the safer option and won’t affect your career.

Labor Day

Be Careful What You Post On Social Media

2. Never Drink And Drive

It’s never a good time to drink and drive, but Labor Day weekend, you should be especially careful. There are far more people on the road traveling than during a typical summer weekend. Families are driving to the beach and summer concerts making safety a necessity. If you plan on drinking, which is perfectly fine, have a plan in place to get home. Don’t just say you’ll deal with it later. Ask a friend who isn’t drinking to give you a ride home or hire a driving service like Uber. Just make sure to do a sex offender search on the driver first before entering their car.

3. Boat With Caution

Spending the day on a boat is incredibly fun, but distractions often lead to injury. One of the biggest ways to avoid a problem is by checking the weather before taking out the boat. If you know there will be storms and rocky waters, don’t let your family and friends go out there. In case there is an issue with the boat, make sure that children are wearing life jackets. Also, if an adult is unable to swim they should wear one too.

Labor Day

Check The Weather Before Taking Out The Boat

4. Check Your Car

Before driving somewhere long distance be sure to check your car. Make sure you have more than enough gas to get to your destination. Chances are that traffic will be awful and your trip will take longer than predicted. Nothing will ruin your weekend plans faster than being stranded somewhere. Another suggestion is to check your tire pressure, car battery and fluid levels as well. With so many people on the road, if your car has an issue, you’re also affecting other peoples plans. Be mindful and prepared when driving this weekend.

Have Some Fun

Marking the end of the summer, make the most of your Labor Day. While it’s tempting to stay home and binge on your favorite shows, get out there before the warm weather subsides. Before you know it, it will be winter and you’ll wish you went to the beach more or saw more summer concerts. Follow these tips to stay safe and relish the last 3-day weekend of summer!

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