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65,000 Reasons You Need A Phone Number Search

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Have you ever thought about using a phone number search? There are many reasons this kind of service would be beneficial. Checking the sanity level of someone you met online might be reason enough to try it.

Jacqueline Ades

Case in point: a 31 year-old Arizona woman named Jacqueline Ades was accused of sending about 65,000 texts to a man she met online. She also visited his home and office and called him her “soul mate.” She was forcibly removed from his property last summer, and began sending him a flurry of threatening and harassing text messages soon after.

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When a reporter at KPHO-TV in Arizona asked Ades if she was aware that sending thousands of text messages seemed threatening, Ades responded that love is “not perfect” and added, “I love him.”

Although this is an extreme case, these types of incidents happen often. People meet online, a connection is made, and sometimes the online flirting escalates to an innocent meet and greet. Then the real truths come out. The man doesn’t look like his profile picture. The woman gets emotionally attached and sends 65,000 texts and thinks that’s loving, normal behavior.

How Can Kiwi Searches Help?

Does this sound familiar? You meet multiple people online, and then notice random phone numbers texting you, prompting you to ask yourself, “Whose number is this?” Once revealed, that person sends frequent texts, harassing texts, or just plain inappropriate messages. An online background check service like Kiwi Searches can prevent this from happening. If you want to perform a phone number search or person search, all you have to do is enter the number or name and get results fast.

Accused stalker Jacqueline Ades didn’t stop at just sending texts, she also sent death threats to the man. “Oh what would I do w ur blood!… Id wanna bathe in it” was one comment. “I’d wear ur skull” was another.

In the end, Ades did show some contrition by stating, “This was a journey, and I want to apologize.”

Take note: before threatening incidents like these spiral out of control, use a people and phone number search to get background information on the people you meet online to avoid a Jacqueline Ades type situation.

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