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8 Reasons You Miss Your High School Sweetheart

By on 2019-04-12 16:32:26, 2 Comments

Over a decade may have passed, but you still think about your old flame. It was an innocent time before your life revolved around paying bills. It feels like an eternity has passed, but you can’t stop thinking about the person who stole your heart all those years ago. What is it about that first love? Here are some reasons you miss your high school sweetheart.

1. A Breakup

It’s normal to think about a past relationship when your current one comes to a close. This is especially true if the break up was bad. You long for a time when things made sense and you were happy and secure in a relationship. At that point, all your past relationships don’t seem as bad as the one that just caused you heartache.

2. Finding An Old Love Note

Maybe you had it tucked in an old shoebox in the closet. Maybe you found it accidentally and it brought back a flood of memories. Either way, that little faded piece of paper can still have a penetrating effect on you.  

3. Pure Nostalgia

We have a tendency to romanticize the past. Holding hands in the hallway and passing notes. High School was a more innocent time before adult responsibilities. Your sweetheart embodies that carefree time that you’re wishing for again. When the pressures of life really mount, some of us long for a simpler, happier time.

4. Thinking Nobody Understands You Like They Did

It might feel like that sometimes. Remember though, it was a time when both of you were growing and learning who you were. You were yet to fully understand yourself. Neither were they. It would be hard to say with any real conviction that this other developing young person had a firm grasp on who you are.

5. Attending Another Wedding

Everyone in their mid-to-late-twenties and early thirties can tell you one thing, you attend a lot of weddings. Attending them can’t help but make you think about your romantic life, the could’ve beens and the what-ifs. These thoughts happen. Just wait until the day after the reception to send a Facebook message.

6. Your Song Came On The Radio

There you were, just innocently listening and then there it was. It’s the song, the song. The one that always brings that person’s image back to your mind. You can’t help it. All those memories of blasting it together in your mom’s car all those years ago. The first few bars are enough to completely transport you.

7. Your Current Relationship Is Rocky

Like the bad breakup, a rocky, unstable relationship will have us longing for a time when things were easy. However, maybe this time is best spent working on your current relationship. You can always contact your high school ex if your current relationship ends.

8. You’re Human

Our memories help make us who we are. It’s only natural to relive them sometimes. Having good memories that we can look on fondly is one of the best parts of life. Don’t worry so much if it’s on your mind. So long as it doesn’t become an unhealthy obsession.


The question naturally follows to whether or not you should reach out. The truth is, life never stops and you’re probably both different people by now. There’s no harm in doing a person search and looking the other person up. A simple reconnection might not hurt. Just be prepared for any possibility, like finding out they’re happily married or moved to another country. But hey, you never know what could happen.


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