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Are You Getting Mystery Calls? Run An Unknown Phone Number Directory Search!

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Are you getting calls from unknown numbers? Many of us get mystery calls throughout the day. You pull your phone from your pocket thinking it might be a friend or family member. Only to find out it’s a robocall, or you’re greeted by a salesperson selling something you don’t want, and certainly didn’t ask for. Scammers have gotten craftier too, often calling from numbers that look familiar to you. Our unknown phone number directory can help you. Consider performing a free reverse phone number lookup. 

Signs You’re Receiving A Scam Call

Scammers tend to use a lot of the same techniques. The Federal Trade Commission warns against these common hooks used by scammers.  

  • You’ve been specially selected (for this offer).
  • You’ll get a free bonus if you buy our product.
  • You’ve won one of five valuable prizes.
  • You’ve won big money in a foreign lottery.
  • This investment is low risk and provides a higher return than you can get anywhere else.
  • You have to make up your mind right away. 
  • You trust me, right?

Scammers want to get your information fast, before you have time to think about it. They promise tons of free offers that you’ll never receive, and will pressure you to stay on the line. It’s a hard sell, but often, they’re not selling something. They just want your personal information to use later on. If you feel pressured in any way, it’s best to politely refuse, and hang up the phone.

What To Do About Spam Calls

At one point, your cell phone number might get into the wrong hands. That’s when the spam calls start coming in. Here is what you can if that happens to you.

  • Hang up the phone! Don’t press any keys, not even to speak with a live operator or be taken off the list. Pressing a button may lead to more calls. That’s not what you want.
  • Don’t answer calls from numbers you don’t know.
  • Never give out sensitive information like your Social Security number, bank account number, or credit card numbers.
  • Talk to your telephone provider about blocking services. Spam numbers constantly change. Paying to have a number blocked might not make sense.
  • Trace the call using a reverse phone number search.
  • Report your experience to the FTC online or by calling 1-888-382-1222.

Find Out Who Is Calling:

Performing A Reverse Phone Lookup

To get to the root of the mysterious phone calls and find out who it is, you can do an Unknown Phone Number Directory Search. It’s very easy to do so. Just enter the phone number you want to look up. Kiwi Searches will comb through public records and present the information to you. You’ll see whatever names, addresses, companies, and other information are associated with that phone number. So, you will know for sure if it’s something important to you, or a number you’re better off blocking right away. If you get a name that’s associated with that number, you can perform a people search just as easily as a number search.

Unknown calls are a nuisance. However, it’s not a nuisance you’re powerless against. If you receive what you think is a spam call, your best not answering the phone, and then looking up the number later. You can always report to the FTC if things get out of hand.

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