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Why You Need To Do Babysitter Background Check On Kiwi Searches

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babysitter background check kiwi searches

When it comes to your kids, you can never be too careful. Unfortunately, full-time worker/entrepreneur parents are usually left with no choice but to entrust their children to a nanny or a babysitter.

No need to feel guilty if you’re one of these parents. Understandably, you wish to work and give your family a comfortable life. After all, there are various ways of ensuring your trust with a reliable babysitter.

One way to do so is to thoroughly check the personal records of your potential nanny before hiring them full-time. Conducting background checks for babysitters can greatly help in accepting only the trustworthy and reliable ones. With the right records from reputable babysitter background check service providers like Kiwi Searches, you’ll achieve the peace of mind needed. So read on, as we’ll be sharing some background checking tips. As well as the standard instructions for checking your nanny’s records.


Why Is It Important To Do A Babysitter Background Check?

A thorough background check on your nanny/babysitter can confirm if they are really who they say they are. It might cost some money to acquire these background reports. But here are some vital reasons why running a background check on a babysitter with Kiwi Searches is necessary.

Identity Confirmation

By confirming your nanny’s identity, you’ll get a better grasp of whom they are as a person. You may learn about their hobbies, interests, personalities, values, principles, and even qualifications.

Credibility Validation

By cross-referencing the information from your babysitter with the data on their background reports, you can validate their honesty and credibility. You couldn’t trust someone who’d go through extensive measures to simply hide their past.

Skills Checking

By going through their resume or application form, you could learn any underlying skills that could help them fulfill their duties. Then, of course, verify if they do possess the qualities you’re looking for.

Criminal Records Awareness

One way or another, it benefits you to know the babysitter’s criminal history. Such records don’t necessarily mean they won’t perform their job well of course. You could instead believe their side of the story or use it to disqualify them.

Character References

As they say, word of mouth is one of the best forms of advertisement. This could also be applicable when hiring a nanny. What better way than consulting their previous employers or character references, right? Their recommendations could help you make a more informed decision.


How To Do A Background Check On A Babysitter

We have here some tips and considerations on how to do a background check on a babysitter.

  • Get Your Potential Nanny’s Permission

Most states require you (employer) to get your potential nanny’s consent before conducting a reference and background check. Ask them to fill out a babysitter background check form to get their permission in writing.

  • Respect Your Nanny’s Privacy and Limits

To perform a background check for a babysitter, you must confirm your babysitter’s identity. You can do this by simply asking to see a valid ID like their driver’s license. For US citizens, you could ask them to fill out an I-9 form to determine their work eligibility. For non-US citizens, check their passports and work permits.

Take note that some questions are off-limits during an interview or even in conducting background checks. For example, you can’t ask them their marital or disability status, race, ethnicity, religion, and such things.

  • Reach Out To Your Nanny’s References

Always check references before hiring anyone, even if they come highly recommended by family and/or friends. You should check with their past employers for a clear grasp of their record as a babysitter.

  • Do Your Personal Research On Your Nanny

Ask friends, neighbors, or anyone who may have known your babysitter. You can also vet their Facebook and other social media accounts. Their posts, photos, and other interactions could help you decide whether they are appropriate for the job or not.

  • Utilize Third-Party People Search Engines or Reach Out To Government Agencies

To vet some records and information, you can reach out to government agencies or visit their websites. There are also third-party search engines that offer background check services based on various public record databases.


What Information You Can Obtain From A Babysitter Background Check? 

It is best to background check babysitter applicants to ensure your children’s safety. Whether you decide to do so yourself or get a third-party background check service provider, the information obtained could determine the suitability of the babysitter.

Some of the information you should obtain includes:

Personal Identifiable Information

This includes name, contact details, address, and such information. This is a great way to ensure your nanny is eligible to work and is who they say they are. This could also help in tracking any questionable records or background they may have had.

Educational Background

You can also check the schools your nanny attended. Their school records could offer a glimpse of the kind of person they are.

Employment History

Employment records are a great must for you to acquire before hiring a nanny. Focus on a babysitter’s experience with children and find out whether they have any bad records with their previous employers.

Qualifying Skills

Find out about any possible skills babysitters may have that could help them in taking care of your kids. This could be anything from swimming, CPR, first aid, and so on.

Proof of Identity

Always ask for proofs of identity like valid IDs, work permits, and other legal documents and records before hiring a nanny.


Checking A Babysitter With Kiwi Searches

Do you want to check your babysitter’s records but don’t know how to run a background check on a babysitter? Don’t stress yourself out, get a reliable babysitter background check service provider like Kiwi Searches.

We, at Kiwi Searches, can do a background check on your nanny or babysitter. And we guarantee to provide you with the best service and information possible.

  • We Regularly Verify Records and Data From Various Trusted Sources
  • We Generate and Provide Background Check Reports promptly
  • We Deliver Complete and Accurate Information on Any Searched Record
  • We Offer Our Services at Reasonably Affordable Prices

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