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What Can You Learn About Someone's Criminal Past?

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What Can You Learn About Someone's Criminal Past?

It’s shocking to learn that someone you know has a dark past. After this discovery, you might feel unsafe being around them and try to avoid seeing them at all costs.

However, educating yourself about what it is they’ve done can help put your mind at ease or advise you to be on high alert. Checking out their criminal records will enable you to find out this exact, detailed information about which crimes they’ve committed so you know how to behave moving forward.

So what can you learn about someone’s criminal past?


Past Arrests

What Can You Learn About Someone's Criminal Past?

It’s easy to find out a person’s arrest history.

If someone has been arrested, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re guilty of a crime. It does, however, indicate that they’ve been suspected of committing one.

Arrest records document the time and date that a person was apprehended, their public information, and the crime they’re accused of committing. County, state, and federal police can all make arrests, depending on the type of crime that took place.

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History Of Misdemeanors And Felonies

Criminal records list both misdemeanors and felonies that someone has committed. Misdemeanors include crimes that are usually regarded as less serious. Some examples are disorderly conduct, prostitution, reckless driving, and vandalism. On the other hand, felonies receive much more severe punishments. Among these are kidnapping, murder, and manslaughter, arson, and sexual assault.

Learning about the exact crimes someone has committed can give you the information you need to keep yourself safe. In addition, if you discover that they’re only guilty of one or two minor offenses, it might give you peace of mind.


Details Of The Crime(s)

Aside from a list of their past crimes, criminal records often include details of each specific crime. They can uncover mugshots, photographs, fingerprints, dismissed and acquitted charges, penalties, warrants, and pending litigation. Plus, the file can contain the person’s distinct physical traits, such as tattoos and eye color. These may help you confirm their identity.


In most cases, only background checks and security clearances use criminal records. But you can learn about someone’s criminal past for your own personal use, as well. Kiwi Searches can retrieve all the data you need to know in just a few minutes. Click here to try out one of our searches today!


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