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Is Your Partner An Instagram Cheater? Read To Find Out!

By on 2021-04-12 15:00:08, 1 Comments

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Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world boasting over 1 billion users worldwide, 1/7th of the population can be found posting perfectly cropped and filtered images of their lives. Many models and celebrities have gotten their start on Instagram and social media. And many younger people aspire to make their living being an Instagram influencer, showing the world their lives albeit oftentimes heavily filtered and cropped. This fantasy people present to the world can become enticing to those drowning in bland reality. It isn’t hard to believe that people can end up straying from a relationship, turning into an Instagram cheater.

Instagram Temptations

There are many beautiful people on Instagram. Beauty and makeup bloggers, fitness coaches, models, and just ordinary people. They snap selfie after endless selfie to ensure the best angle and lighting (did you know there are special accessories you can add to your phone, JUST for taking better selfies?!?) What is presented isn’t the whole truth, but it looks a helluva lot better than your wife just waking up at 7am on a Monday.

This fantasy life makes it look like people have it better than you, the women are more interesting and thinner, the men have more muscles and are constantly doing something fun. It isn’t difficult to guess people fall into the mindset of “the grass is greener on the other side” and start cheating.

It Starts With A Like

Many times people who cheat didn’t just go out intending to cheat on their partner. It is the sort of thing that just kind of happens. When scrolling through on their Instagram feed they like an image of a girl in a bikini on the beach. Nothing insidious is happening yet, just a like or two, maybe a follow.

Then A Couple of Comments

Instagram’s algorithm makes sure users see the type of posts they like. So after a while, this girl in the bikini starts popping up a lot. Even though she might be a stranger, social media makes you feel like you know a person by being introduced to the inner workings of their daily lives. A few comments on some Instagram posts is the next step. Again, it is nothing serious, just a “nice pic” or something similar, but as time goes on the comments get more personal.

DM’ing on the DL

So the girl in the bikini may have commented back and is now following back. She reaches out with a “hey” and in the direct messages and a conversation begins. By this point, she is still pretty much a stranger, but for some reason, there is a sense of knowing her intimately because of how much she shares on social medial. She gets comfortable and starts sharing more “intimate” pictures privately. Then gives out her phone number.

An Instagram Affair

An Instagram affair is born in only a few weeks. Affairs are kind of like the pictures on Instagram, cropped and heavily filtered. You only see the best of the person and all difficulties within a regular relationship are unseen. It becomes an escape from the difficulties and hardships that come with a serious long-term partnership. That is the appeal of them.

So what is there to do if you suspect your partner is an Instagram cheater?

Everyone Keeps Their Secrets On Their Phones

Conducting an affair via the family desktop was always a risky move as it was likely a partner or spouse could come across damning evidence. Cell phones are much more personal and rarely leave our sides these days. People are more comfortable conducting secret online business on their phones than on their computers. If you are looking for evidence of cheating it will almost definitely be on their phone.

A Way To Spy On A Cell Phone

The suspicion and mistrust that comes with suspecting your partner of cheating are unbearable and toxic to any relationship. Getting the answers you need and fast is important for your relationship and sanity. Luckily with cell phone spy apps like Highster Mobile, you can see who your partner is talking to not just with Instagram, but who they are texting and calling. View the pictures that are on their phone and the sites they visit. You are also able to track where they go via GPS all remotely, without having their phone and most importantly, without them ever knowing you are monitoring them.

What To Do If You Find Suspicious Texts

While you can see what your partner is texting with these spy apps, you won’t know who this person is. There is a way to find out. All you need to know about a person with just their phone number. A reverse phone lookup can tell you who the owner of the phone is, where they live, and just about anything else you need to know about them.

When You Catch Your Partner Cheating…

Give yourself time to be angry and upset before approaching your partner. The calmer and you are during this difficult conversation, the better it will go. You must decide beforehand if cheating is a deal-breaker and if you want to end the relationship or not. Present the evidence and remember it isn’t your fault they decided to cheat. Stick to your guns and let them know this behavior is not going to continue.

There is life after being cheated on. While it hurts now, you are better off knowing the truth than allowing a lie to eat you up inside.

Frequently Asked Questions About Instagram Cheating

How can I find out if my partner is cheating on Instagram?

There are three reliable methods of finding out if your partner is cheating on Instagram:

1. Get ahold of your partner’s phone and browser their Instagram account.

2. Get your partner’s Instagram account login information and login on a device.

3. Utilize an Instagram spy app to retrieve their Instagram posts and messages.

Is following someone on Instagram cheating?

Simply following someone on Instagram is not cheating. If they are doing so because it displays physically attractive people, it could insinuate they are cheating or not satisfied with their current relationship. However, this is not always the case.

Why is Instagram bad for relationships?

Using Instagram could have negative effects on relationships including:

- Could lead to feelings of FOMO, anxiety, and depression.

- Lack of communication.

- Becoming distant from your partner.

- Setting higher expectations for your relationship.

How do cheaters communicate?

Typically, cheaters communicate with their lover via messages on social media, private messaging, or hidden apps. Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Kik are the most commonly used apps by cheaters.

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