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12 Cheating Husband Memes That Are Spot On

By on 2019-05-29 14:32:51, 0 Comments

Even if you vowed to be with your husband forever, sometimes, it’s not always meant to be. And you may not have done anything wrong. Your husband may just be dissatisfied with the relationship, or possibly, found love with someone else. Finding out your husband cheated on you is something that no one should experience, but still does happen. Below, we’ve listed some of the top cheating husband memes that are spot on.

1. Distracted Husband Meme

cheating husband memes

There’s nothing more insulting than your husband glancing back at an attractive woman. Especially if it’s your younger (and more attractive) sister!

2. Deadly Revenge

cheating husband memes

This is a bit of an extreme action to take when finding out your husband is cheating on you.

3. Don’t Blame Your Wife

cheating husband memes

Many husbands automatically blame their wives for their infidelity. However, blame goes both ways. The husband is the one who committed the act, and they are both responsible for their marriage crumbling.

4. Not The Best Example

cheating husband memes

This husband meme isn’t exactly the most accurate, but is definitely funny! Often times, children take after their parents, even their bad actions and choices.

5. You’ll Be Waiting A Century

cheating husband memes

No matter how much you love your husband, don’t waste your life away waiting for him to come crawling back to you. He’s not worth it!

6. You Don’t Know What You’re Missing

cheating husband memes

Nothing like showing off your revenge bod when you’ve had enough of you husband’s cheating ways.

7. Mr. Smarty Pants

cheating husband memes

If your husband is smart enough, he’ll get rid of all evidence of cheating like sexts, videos, photos, and text messages.

8. The Paranoid Wife

cheating husband memes

Sometimes, wives can be so paranoid to the point they accuse their husbands of cheating (whether or not it’s true) multiple times.

9. Cheating With The Secretary

cheating husband memes

The old cheating with your secretary story. Keep your affair out of the workplace.

10. I’m Not Getting Caught!

cheating husband memes

When a husband believes he won’t get caught, is when he slips up. Eventually, he will be found out.

11. She’s Not Crazy, You Are!

cheating husband memes

This husband move never works. It just further proves he had an affair.

12. Cheers To The Loyal and Faithful Wives!

cheating husband memes

Cheers to the faithful wives who don’t let their eyes linger and don’t have affairs with other men.


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