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How To Manage Dating Multiple People At Once

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dating multiple people at once

Never put all of your eggs in one basket. The same can be said about the dating world. Having multiple partners at once is a bit taboo in our society, but if you do it right, you can make it work.

When Multiple Partners Are Okay

If you are not ready to settle down and want to test drive a few relationships before you find the right one for you, that is totally okay. It is also okay to be torn between a few prospects and need some time to make a decision. Some people just like to spread their love around. No judgments here as long as you take the other person’s feelings into consideration.

Be As Honest As You Can

The first rule of dating multiple people at once is to never deceive the other person into thinking you are in an exclusive relationship. This is just plain not fair to the other person. Be honest about keeping things casual, even if the relationship is new and you are not ready to divulge the gritty details of your other exploits. At the very least you should allow the person to know there is a possibility of other people in your life.

Relationships are about choice and someone should be able to choose for themselves if they want to be in an open one. Don’t be a jerk and make that decision for them without their knowledge.

Use Protection

For the sake of yourself and your partners use protection when having any type of sex. As many as one in four people will contract an STI in their life. If you are dating three other people you are almost statistically guaranteed to spread some nasty stuff around.

Don’t Recycle or Date in Bulk

Recycling dates is just tacky and shows you have no interest in these people beyond yourself. Make each date special by designating their own special spot. When you give gifts make sure you are buying for each individual instead of buying gifts in bulk. You are trying to get to know these people enough to know which is the one for you. Treating each of your partners like the same person will only confuse you and if any of your partners find out about your lazy dating you could end up in trouble.

Don’t String Them Along Forever

At one point you are going to have to make a decision whether it is to date none of them, one or more of them. You need to come to a conclusion and bring your partner or partners into the full light of your dating situation.

If you want a permanent polyamourous relationship with multiple partners you need to sit them all down and discuss exactly what that means for you. Let them decide if they are comfortable sharing a permanent partner and being involved in each other’s lives. This type of relationship is difficult, but many find it fulfilling.

Do know many people are not okay sharing a partner with another. By this time you should know if this will be the case with your chosen partners or not. Respect their decision.

When Playing The Field Becomes Cheating

When things start to get serious, when your other partner has expressed interest in making it exclusive or has made more subtle moves like leaving their toothbrush at your place or other signs, you are in a serious relationship. If you find yourself texting your other flings while with the other, or other sneaking around activities you are crossing the line into cheating. It is time to call it off or bring the truth to light.

There is nothing wrong with keeping your options open when dating more than one person at a time, but you must be respectful and keep all of your partners in the know. If you are in a serious relationship and find you are with someone who might be seeing multiple men or women at once. There are some questions you can ask them to bring the truth to light.

Communication is key in any relationship, whether you are dating one person or multiple people. It’s your dating life, be an adult about it and nobody will get hurt.


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