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Do A Background Check Before Buying A Pet

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buying a pet

Before buying a pet, there are many things to consider. Choosing the type of dog is the easy part, the hard part is finding a reputable dog breeder. You want to make sure the dog you’re buying is the dog you’re getting. Most animal breeders are honest about the health and social skills of their animals. However, some may sell sick or older animals to unsuspecting buyers. This is particularly true for young couples without experience in adopting animals. 

When looking for the perfect pet, you should know that breeders rarely sell to the first person that asks. Responsible ones will make sure their animals are going to a good home. They also do this to prevent animal abuse, which still occurs in society. Despite that, many strides have been made with animal rights and animal advocacy. So, when looking for that reputable dog breeder, ask these questions to ensure the animals are being properly cared for.  


1. Are The Animals Vaccinated?

buying a pet

Before buying an animal which is a long-term commitment, you want to know their medical history. Have they received the proper vaccinations? Do they have any medical conditions? This type of information is important for a person to know before adopting. If an animal has a serious illness, someone with a full-time job may not be able to give them the attention they deserve. Also, having medical testing done allows owners to know what genetic issues their pet may face in the future.

2. What Are The Living Conditions?

Whether you wind up buying an animal or not, you should be aware of what living conditions they are kept in. A responsible dog breeder will show you where the animals are being kept. If there is nothing to hide of course. You shouldn’t have to be spying on text messages to find this out. Animals that are happy and in healthy living conditions would be perfect to adopt. Meanwhile, if the individual refuses to show the living conditions of the animals, chances are, they are of poor quality. 

3. How Long Has The Owner Been Breeding?

An important question to ask is how long this breeder has had this particular type of dog. If they have been breeding the same type of dogs for years, chances are they are legitimate. Then you won’t have to do a reverse phone number search on them. With all these years of experience, they likely have extensive knowledge of how to take care of those dogs. This way the potential dog owners will be given a surplus of information for their new pet. Also, you know that you are buying from the best breeder possible. 

4. Are The Animals Well-Socialized?

buying a pet

Will The Animal Get Along With Other Pets?

Incorporating animals into your life can be difficult, especially when you have other pets. So, having a well-socialized dog will make your life easier and your other pets. Besides your other pets, you don’t want an overly aggressive dog bothering your house guests. Before adopting the dog you should watch how it interacts with other animals. Is it friendly or isolated in the corner? This is important to look out for, and also important for the animal’s happiness. 

Taking Care Of Animals

Buying a pet is a special part of a person’s life. Some people love their pets as much as they love their children. Introducing an animal into your life can be tricky, but the results are so worth it. Beyond their cute looks, animals are proven to increase their owner’s happiness and provide stress relief after a long day. Before you buy your next pet, prevent the worry about the breeder’s reputability. Perform a background check on the individual with Kiwi Searches.

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