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The Truth Revealed: Do Men or Women Cheat More?

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do men or women cheat more

When people talk about relationships, cheating is one of the hot topics. A great number of married couples end up divorced because one of them is caught cheating; the question is “who?” This is actually one of the favorite points of debate – Do men or women cheat more in relationships? 

When it comes to cheating, people almost automatically think of men. The thing is, yes, men cheat, but so do women. 


Let’s Look At Statistics

Based on the statistics, men have a higher rate of infidelity than women. In one General Social Survey (GSS), 20% of men and 13% of women admitted to engaging in sexual acts with someone while they were married.

Here’s the catch, the statistics vary depending on age groups. In the 18-29 age demographic for example, more married women cheat compared to men, albeit by only 1%. This quickly reverses however as the age demographics increases. Statistics show that more men than women, ages 30 and above, admit to cheating. 

It is also notable that the gender gap when it comes to cheating peaks at the 80s age demographic where around 24% of men and 6% of women report to have cheated – that’s about an 18% gap. Also, women in their 60s have the highest cheating rate. Research, surveys, and other data on infidelity since the 1990s show that men do cheat more often than women. This is even after taking into consideration that not everyone would admit to cheating. 


Cheating Factors

Cheating or infidelity rate is also affected by several factors other than age and gender. You have to take into consideration emotional maturity, moral values, and the like. Yes, these are certainly factors, but we would like to highlight the more easily measurable factors. Some of the more significant factors include family background and religious activity. 

  • People are more likely to cheat if they grew up without both parents. That is not to say that those who grew up with both parents and were even brought up in a happy home would not cheat. 
  • Those who regularly go to church or attend religious services and other religious activities are less likely to have extramarital affairs. 

Although most surveys and studies classify cheating as having sexual intercourse with someone other than the spouse, there are varying levels and kinds of cheating. Physical intimacy is one; but even then, intimacy does not necessarily have to be sex. Then there’s the emotional cheating, which may involve opening up your most private thoughts that shouldn’t have been shared with anyone other than your partner. 

So, what’s your opinion on this topic? Do you believe men do cheat more than women? If you suspect your partner of cheating on you, you will need to look for evidence of their infidelity

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