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Everything You Need To Know About Child Predators

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child predator

What Is A Child Predator?

A child predator is a type of sexual predator that focuses their intent on harming children. As the name suggests, this type of person is very dangerous and targets the people in our society that are the most vulnerable. Young children do not understand the threat that these types of people impose and often have never heard of the term before.

If you’re the caretaker or parent of a child, then it is your job to protect them from the world. That doesn’t just mean from the flu or bullying in school. You have to be aware of child predators because they still exist in society and have only learned to blend in better. People like this usually show signs of behavioral issues as teenagers, and many of them have been abused as children which, in turn, leads them to do the same. This helps them rationalize their unethical behavior and continue on.

There are certain child predator characteristics to look out for. Instead of appearing like the monsters they actually are, they usually come off as charming and charismatic. A manipulative way to disarm other people and make them feel comfortable around them. Predators usually are intelligent and use this to their advantage. Similarly to serial killers, they tend to plan out their attacks for months and sometimes even years. This is the most dangerous kind of predator, they are likable and seem friendly. Someone you would never expect.

child predator

Child Predators Can Ruin A Child’s Life

How to tell if someone is a child predator

Now you need to know how to spot a child predator. This person will try to be a friend to the child or to the child’s parents. So, next time they encounter the kid they’re targeting they can say, “Hi, I’m a friend of your Mother” or “Your Mom got into an accident and I need to pick you up.” These types of tactics need to be explained to children so they can identify them. Every parent worries about their child encountering a predator. 

Here are specific signs to look out for:

1. Does This Adult Pay Special Attention To Your Child?

When a child predator is targeting a child to prey on, their first step is to form a connection with them. To connect with someone, you need to spend time with them and give them your attention. The predator will ask the child about their favorite book or movie. Anything to make conversation and make the child feel safe with that person. Now the child views the individual as friendly and not a threat. 

2. The Adult Wants To Be Alone With Them

If the adult in question wants to be alone with the child, there is probably some intent there. This is a way to get the child alone and vulnerable making it easier for the older person to be in control. For example, they might ask the child to go over the house. Or lure them over with a new toy or pet. Most kids love animals so the promise of seeing a new puppy would be an effective manipulation tool. Do not allow your son or daughter to be alone with this person.

3. Inappropriate Touching

If a child is saying that they felt uncomfortable with this person, make sure to listen. The child predator may have tried holding their hand or putting their arm around their shoulder. Something that would make any child or adult uneasy. That is crossing the line, and also intruding on a person’s personal space. This person is trying to take physical advantage of the smaller and more vulnerable person, who in this case, is a child. 

4. Uncomfortable Conversations

A sexual predator will likely talk about sexual content with the child they’re with. They are trying to expose the child to adult conversations and situations. As well as break the barrier between them. This will make children uncomfortable as they probably won’t know want they’re talking about. If your child starts asking you odd questions about sex or related topics, you know someone put those ideas in their mind.

child predator

Prevent Your Child From Coming In Contact With A Predator

How to find out if someone is a child predator

The best way to know for sure if someone is dangerous to your child is by running a sex offender search on Kiwi Searches. You can run this type of background check on anyone who seems suspicious. Whether it is someone that shows these signs or your child’s soccer coach. When it comes to your child, you should take all measures to protect them. They depend on you for safety and security. If your suspicions are confirmed and the adult is a sexual offender, you need to report them and immediately. Stop them from potentially hurting and traumatizing thousands of other children.

How to report a child predator

There are a few different ways to report a child predator. The first way I would recommend is reporting it to a law enforcement agency, such as the police. People who know how to catch a child predator and put them under arrest. If you really want to take precautions, you could also call Cyber Tipline which helps prevent missing and exploited children. Another way to prevent contact with someone like this is to search for sex offenders in your area when choosing a neighborhood to live in. 

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