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FAQs About Running A Reverse Phone Lookup

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We’ve all gotten a call from a suspicious number, some of us even had a strange number appear on a loved one’s phone with questionable messages. When this happens, the best thing to do is perform a reverse phone lookup to find out who is calling or sending those messages. Here are some frequently asked questions about reverse phone lookups that many people often have.

What Is A Reverse Phone Lookup?

A reverse phone lookup is when you enter a phone number into a search to look up the name of the person who the phone belongs to. Normally when someone wants to look up a phone number of a person, they would need the name. Online phone directories have made it easy for people to now get a name from just a phone number.

How Do I Do One?

There are several ways you can search for the owner of a suspicious phone number. Some people just throw the number into Google and hope for the best. Unfortunately because scammers use services that allow them to use multiple phone numbers and the fact people can change phone numbers often, you might not get the most accurate, up to date information from the search engine.

Kiwi Searches is a better option for a reverse phone lookup because you are able to access up to date and current records quickly and easily without searching through pages of irrelevant information.

Why Would I Want To Do A Reverse Phone Lookup?

While there are many reasons to do a reverse phone search, most people conduct one to figure out who is on the other end of a suspicious phone call or message. Phone scams are on the rise, and if you get a call from someone demanding money or personal information, the first thing you should do is perform a reverse phone search to see who this person is. Then, give all the information you find to the police.

Some popular scams are:

  • Fake IRS or Social Security Agents who ask for money or information.
  • Fake kidnappers who claim to have a loved one.
  • Fake medical or EMS personnel who demand money to provide life saving assistance to your loved one.
  • People impersonating Microsoft or Apple to get into your computer or iCloud account.

What Are Some Other Good Reasons To Do One?

If a loved one is receiving inappropriate messages from an unknown number, you should find out who this person is for their safety and your own. Doing a reverse phone lookup will show who is talking to them. You can perform a background check as well to see if this person has a dangerous criminal background.

Another good reason to do a reverse phone lookup is to check on a person you met online. There are a lot of catfishers and scammers out there who pretend to be other people. Even if you did a background check on this person, there is no guarantee they gave you their real name. Doing a reverse phone lookup will let you know who you are really dealing with.

What Information Does It Get Me?

A reverse lookup with a cell phone number or a landline number will reveal the owner of that number based off of public records. It will include their name, age, location and possible family and associates. From there, you can search their background and find out everything else you could possibly know about this person.

Does It Cost Money?

The good thing about doing a reverse phone search on Kiwi is that it is free to do a search to find out if the information exists and get the phone carrier and location information. Once found, you can access the rest of their information for less than a dollar so you know you are getting exactly what you paid for.

It’s a dangerous world out there. Keeping you and your family safe is more important than ever. Knowing who is trying to communicate with you is essential to maintaining that safety.

Start your first reverse phone lookup by entering the number below:

Run A Reverse Phone Lookup

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