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How To Find Out Someone's Birthday

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How to quickly find your birthday

So, one of your best friends is dropping hints on what they want for a birthday present. The problem is, you can’t seem to remember when their birthday is. Or perhaps you want to throw a surprise party for a colleague or roommate but don’t know how to find out their birthday. You can ask them, but that would spoil the surprise.

The aforementioned are only a couple of situations where you might need ways on how to find out someone’s personal information like date of birth. You may want to find out someone’s birthday for three main reasons:

  • You Forgot

A quick birthday lookup typically means you forgot someone’s birthday. Forgetting someone’s birthday could lead to embarrassing situations and hurt feelings. It would be wise to always have a means of looking up birthdays.

  • You Don’t Know

There are also instances when you would need to look up someone’s birthday because you don’t remember it. Perhaps you have a really big family, or you just met the person. In such instances, you need to be subtle on how to figure out someone’s birthday.

  • You’re Throwing Them A Party

If the person is a close friend or relative, you may be throwing them a party. But you must know their exact birthday to do so.

There are certainly instances where you need to find out someone’s birthday. Fortunately, there are also methods to conduct a quick birthday search or birthday lookup. Your strategy to find birthday information will depend on the reason/purpose and how quickly you need the information.


Save Yourself From Embarrassment

As mentioned, there are three main reasons to find birthday information. In connection to those, it’s understandable you would not want to directly ask a person. Also, it might offend the person or hurt their feelings.

The most effective and convenient way to find out someone’s birthday without asking them is to do a birthday search or a birthdate lookup. This refers to running a birthday lookup by conducting a person search or a background check through a reliable third-party search engine. One such search engine is Kiwi Searches. When conducting a person search on Kiwi Searches, you will find out a person’s birthday and other data. The person will not be notified of the search so they will never know you did a birthday search.


How To Find A Relative’s Date of Birth

If you are from a large family, chances are you will forget a couple of birthdays. It can be rather hard to remember everyone’s birthday and that’s understandable. You may remember your grandfather’s birthday is in December and your cousin’s birthday is in March, but you just can’t remember the exact dates. It’s tricky to find out someone’s birthday, and gets trickier when you need to look up a birthday for a relative. Sure, it’s easier to ask your Mom, Aunt, or other relatives. But if you ask a relative, everyone will probably find out you forgot someone’s birthday.

When it comes to a family member’s birthday, take on a birthday search yourself. Conduct a quick birthday search free of charge or with a minimal fee for more information. Kiwi Searches is a fast and effective way on how to find someone’s birthday and other data. The best thing about it is no one from your family would ever know you forgot their birthday.


How To Find Out Someone’s Birthday Using Kiwi Searches

Kiwi Searches for fast online birthday date search

Kiwi Searches is the perfect tool to find out someone’s birthday and look up birthdays, addresses, education and work background, and criminal history. Through Kiwi Searches, you can find a birthday by doing a quick person search.

Doing a person search on Kiwi Searches is fairly easy; just do the following:

  1. On the search bar, just enter the first and last name of the person whose information you want to see. Enter the state to narrow down the search.
  2. Kiwi Searches will then look through its expansive database for helpful information. Then, you’ll be redirected to a results page, a list of everyone with the name you entered.
  3. Carefully select from the list the person you are looking for. Cross-check it with any other information you may have about the person.
  4. Download the streamlined report generated.
  5. Peruse the report for the person’s birthday and other data.


Got Someone’s Number? Find Out Their Age Instantly!

Nowadays, it’s quite hard to guess someone’s age by their physical appearance alone. Teens dress up and look like they’re in their twenties, while those who are more mature in age can look decades younger. It is particularly tricky to determine one’s age when it comes to dating since many lie about their age.

One way to find out if they are being honest about their age is to do a reverse phone lookup. Let’s say you meet someone in a bar and they give you their phone number. Before deciding to go on a serious date with them, make sure they are being honest about their age. A reverse phone lookup is an effective way of finding someone’s birthday. On top of the person’s age, you can also find out other relevant information that will help you decide if it’s worth pursuing a relationship including:

  • Educational Background
  • Work History
  • Criminal History


Find Date of Birth By Phone Number Using Kiwi Searches

Are you wondering how to find someone’s birthday and anything else about them with just a phone number? Do you want to know more about someone who gave you their number on a night out? A birthday lookup utilizing just a person’s phone number is possible with the reverse phone lookup service offered by Kiwi Searches.

You can find birthday information, and even dive deeper by seeing if they have a criminal past. Here’s how you can do that.

  1. Go to the Kiwi Searches Reverse Phone Lookup page to initiate the process.
  2. Enter the phone number into the search bar and let Kiwi Searches go through their expansive databases.
  3. Look carefully through the generated results and pick the name and age that most closely resembles what the person told you.
  4. Download the report and find out if they’re telling the truth about their age. You can also see other information like an address, education, work history, criminal history (if any), and more.


Want To Find Out Someone's Birthday? Enter Their Name:

Other Ways to Find Out Someone’s Birthday

Search for a person's birthday via facebook

    • Date of Birth Search via Facebook

Another option you may want to try to find birthday details is through the person’s Facebook account or Facebook profile page. Facebook and other social media sites/platforms provide users the option to keep their birthdates public. You simply need to go through a person’s profile. Even if it’s not public, you can still go through their page and look for any past birthday greetings or posts. Keep in mind some individuals do not put their real birthdates on their social media accounts. If you are Facebook Friends, you can set to receive birthday notifications.

    • Obtain It During A Conversation

Another way on how to find someone’s birthday without directly asking a person is by trying to pull it out during a conversation. This is one great strategy, you just need to be creative about it.

As previously mentioned, some might take it the wrong way if you ask them directly about their birthdate. They might get offended or deeply hurt if you forgot about their birthday especially when they always remember yours.

For instance, instead of asking them directly, you can try asking on which day their birthday falls this year. This will be helpful enough especially if you have an idea about their birthdate but just unsure of the exact date. Another tactic is to off-handedly remark about wishing their birthday will be on a weekend or that it would fall on a week when it wouldn’t be too busy at work.

You can also try asking other family members or mutual friends if they already have a gift and make a comment about maybe not having enough time to get a present. They just may say “well, you still have a week” and voila, you’ll have the birth date.

    • When In Doubt…

If you’ve exhausted all efforts – stealthily asking roundabout questions, social media stalking, and birthday searches – then ask someone. Remember, this is only a last resort; something you should do if all else fails. Just make sure to ask someone you can trust.

Of course, you shouldn’t dismiss the option of directly asking a person about their birthday. However, only do this if you are close to someone. Do this if you know they are the type of person who wouldn’t take it against you. If you are lucky, you and that person may even get a good laugh out of your forgetfulness. Whether it turns out well or not, make it up to the person by doing something special for them. It may not exactly be the ultimate surprise birthday celebration but you can still make it extra special.

There are several reasons for wanting to find out about someone’s birthday. Whatever your purpose may be, utilizing a third-party people search engine is still the best and easiest way. This is true whether you don’t want the person to find out you forgot their birthday or if you want to know more about someone you just met. It should go without saying you must utilize the information you obtain about someone responsibly.

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