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How To Find Your Long Lost Friends

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long lost friends

Friendships formed when we are young have lasting impressions on our lives. Some of our friends from childhood last well into our adult years, but often even the best of friends drift apart because of time or distance. After the years go by and we fondly look back on the friends we are missing sometimes we wonder whatever became of them or what they are up to? So how does someone go about searching for their long lost friends? Here is a guide that can help you.

Types of Friends You Might Want To Look Up

High School Reunion

High School was awkward for pretty much everyone, but there were some tight bonds built during those years. When good friends go off to college and mature, they very often grow apart. After a few years you might feel the need to get the old group back together again. Even if it’s for dinner or drinks for a night of nostalgia.

Finding Friends Who Moved as A kid

Nothing sucks more for a kid than having their best friend move away. At first there might have been some phone calls and letters (or emails. But eventually as they got settled into their new life in their new town friends just lose touch.

College Roommates/Sorority Sisters/Fraternity Brothers

College is the time we are given to find ourselves. The friendships forged during these years usually only last a little while, but tend to stay with us forever. Getting in touch with your old college pals is a great way to reminisce about the good old days. They can even serve as great points of contacts if you move to a new city they live in. Or serve as a great networking asset when job hunting (especially if you shared the same major).

Camp Friends

The friendships made at summer camp leave a lasting impression on people way after summer fades. While your camp friends may be completely different people now, it’s still common to wonder what ever happened to them.

Military Buddies

The military forms bonds stronger than most. When people are serving in war or other strenuous conditions their relationships become cemented. After a term of service is up, it is easy to lose touch with someone you once considered a brother. Some veterans reconnect decades after the war.

How To Find A Long Lost Friend

Once you decide you want to look up an old friend, there are several ways you can go about finding them.

Look On Facebook

With over 2 billion people on Facebook, it is very likely you can find your lost buddy on the popular social media platform. If you are old classmates from High School or College it might be easier to search for them. You can do a general search for their name in the search bar, but remember not everyone uses their full name and sometimes even change their names. The best way to find old classmates is to look through mutual friends.

Another downside to searching for people on Facebook is they could not have an account or be active so your efforts to reach out to them may turn up fruitless.

Google Search

You can find almost anything on Google. Unfortunately when it comes to people searching, unless your friend is famous for something, has a super uncommon name or you have a lot of details on them already a Google search may leave you frustrated.

People Search

People searches on sites like allow you to search for almost anyone in the U.S. and pull up where they live and contact information like phone numbers and email addresses. Doing a person search is easy, just type in their name and be connected with the person you are looking for.

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