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Game of Thrones Names We Will Never Forget

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game of thrones names

Game of Thrones is one of the most (if not the most) popular television show today. With 8 seasons and countless BAFTA, Emmy, SAG, and Golden Globe awards, it’s impossible to deny the show’s success. One of the many things Game of Thrones is known for, besides Jon Snow, are the countless character deaths. Some of these characters many fans wish would have stayed alive, and others got what they deserved. Below, we list Game of Thrones names who will never be forgotten.

#1 – Hodor

Hodor was both a loyal servant and friend of the Starks. When he was young, he had a seizure that left him mentally disabled. Bran had a vision of this and found out “Hodor” was actually the sentence “Hold The Door”. Hodor had actually experienced his future death when he was a young child. He ended up holding the door for Bran and Meera so they could escape the White Walkers, resulting in his tragic death.

#2 – Ned Stark

No character can ever compare to Ned Stark. He exemplifies what it means to be brave, honorable, and loyal. Still, many wonder what Game of Thrones would have been like if Ned Stark was still alive. Even in the past few seasons, fans continue to learn details and secrets Ned was hiding from everyone.

#3 – Catelyn Stark

Catelyn Stark was a devoted mother who would do anything to protect her children, even if they didn’t listen to her advice. Her death early on in the series could have just been avoided if her son, Robb Stark, had just listened to her and married Roslin Tully. She, along with most of her family, was murdered during the Red Wedding massacre.  

#4 – Ygritte

The wildling who captured Jon Snow’s heart. Ygritte and Jon Snow’s love story is one for the books. “You know nothing Jon Snow”, being her last words. Wonder if Jon will ever find true love again?

#5 – Robb Stark

Robb Stark had all the potential to be a great man, but gave that all away to marry Talisa. He had sworn an oath to Walder Frey to marry Roslin Tully and because he backed out on it, it cost him and his pregnant wife their lives.

#6 – Khal Drogo

“Moon of my life. My sun and stars.” Even though Daenerys and Khal Drogo’s story wasn’t love at first site, their love will last through space and time. Daenerys tried to save Drogo but in the end, couldn’t bare to see him suffer and killed him herself.

#7 – Joffrey Baratheon

Joffrey Baratheon is one of the most despised characters on Game of Thrones, besides Ramsay Bolton of course. He was a spoiled brat from the start who ruled with cruelty. He kept Sansa Stark captive and tormented her after her father’s death. Joffrey got what he deserved when he was poisoned at his wedding to Margaery Tyrell.

#8 – Ramsay Bolton

This is the the most despicable character on Game of Thrones to date. He was a bastard child who was legitimized by his father, Roose Bolton. He did unspeakable things to his wife, Sansa Stark, and Theon Greyjoy. Ramsay Bolton even killed his entire family so he would become Warden of the North and Lord of Winterfell. Sansa got her revenge in the end by feeding Ramsay to his starving dogs.

These are some of the Game of Thrones names we will never forget. Whether they were brave or despicable, there names will go down in Westeros history.

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