Halloween Safety Tips For Parents And Kids

Halloween Safety Tips For Parents And Kids

Halloween is just around the corner and, if you’re like most parents, you worry about the safety of your children. With the amount of dangers in the world (bullies, distracted drivers, gang members, lone-wolf terrorists, sexual predators, etc.), even the most kid-friendly holiday can put an average mom or dad on edge. That’s why it’s important that you take precautions before sending your young ones door-to-strangers’-door in search of free candy this year.

Whether you’ll be personally accompanying your kids this October 31st or letting them go out on their own, we’re offering these important Halloween safety tips for making sure that they have a fun, treat-filled, danger-free holiday.


Keep your kids safe this Halloween with these important tips:


For parents accompanying their kids:

Halloween Safety Tips For Parents And Kids

  • Make sure they can see out of their masks
  • Stay out of the middle of the road and cross at corners
  • Look both ways before crossing the street
  • Watch your kids, not your phone
  • Don’t let them enter anyone’s house or car for candy
  • Bring a flashlight or glow sticks for when it gets dark
  • Make sure your kids have something reflective on them if out late
  • Have a designated meeting place on the Trick or Treat route if they’re running ahead
  • Don’t let them eat anything until you’ve inspected it


For parents letting older kids go on their own:

Halloween Safety Tips For Parents And Kids

  • Map their route and know the neighborhood
  • Tell them to avoid darkened houses and streets
  • Have them wear something reflective
  • Tell them to keep their heads up and off their phones
  • Make sure they have their phone charged
  • Have them check in periodically
  • Warn them to never go inside someone’s house
  • Provide them with a flashlight or glow sticks
  • Track them via their phone’s GPS
  • Set a curfew


There you have it. These are just some of the most basic yet important things to keep in mind. While you may already know most of them, it never hurts to brush up. After all, knowing ahead of time can help prepare you for any surprises that might come up.

Happy Halloween!


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