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How Can I Call Someone Who Has Blocked My Number?

By on 2021-04-15 10:48:41, 0 Comments

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Gone were the days where people had to wait for days to hear from someone. Looking back, it’s impressive how technology has gradually enhanced and streamlined our communication processes – from snail mail to local/international mobile phone calls to instant messaging iPhone or Android apps. Smartphone users across the globe today can communicate with one another by simply knowing each other’s area codes, phone numbers, or online account profiles. Contacting someone is just a phone call or text message away. 

Unfortunately, as easy as it is to dial a person’s number, anyone could instantly block any caller. Technology, being like a two-edged sword, enables a person to easily establish and cut communications. Then, when your number gets blocked by someone or vice versa, calling seems to be almost impossible. This is why our digital experts, here at, took the initiative to look for alternative ways for the caller to reach out to a person who’s blocked them. Read on as we’ll be sharing some great tips that might come in handy.


Why Would My Phone Number Be On The Blocked List?

In most cases, phone users manually add numbers on their spam/blacklist by selecting the specific phone contact or number, tapping the Information button or Burger menu, and clicking on Block or Block Contact. There are also iPhone or Android mobile apps that automatically filter suspicious phone numbers and get them blocked. 

After downloading and activating such a cell phone application, it instantly functions as programmed without the need for manual filtering or selection. Some have built-in databases where their multi-layered algorithms cross-reference callers. Other phone apps allow users to specifically include phone numbers they wish to be blocked. Some offer a custom filter feature where phone users could set specific contact criteria from their personal list, or set certain criteria like area codes and network providers wherein when the caller meets any of those, the call gets automatically blocked.

Aside from the various methods of getting a person or number blocked, there are also varying reasons why someone might do so in the first place. After conducting some research, here are some of the common reasons why a person might block a certain caller or a specific phone number.

To Avoid Spammers/Scammers

Most users opt to not entertain unknown callers and some even go the extra mile of getting suspicious phone numbers blocked. This is their way of not falling victim to spam calls, social engineering, phishing, and other call-based scams.

To Avoid Prank Callers

Prank callers are the lowest form as they don’t typically wish you any harm, but don’t provide anything good either. This is why some people block unwanted calls to avoid such callers.

To Avoid Telemarketers

Despite the rise of social networking sites, several business owners still conduct telemarketing, but not all consumers appreciate cold calls. Hence, some persons proactively put unknown phone numbers on their blocked numbers list.

To Avoid Someone Due To Personal Reasons

Others intentionally block the phone number of someone they personally know due to some personal reasons. They might choose to cut off an ex-lover, a toxic family member, or a friend-turned-enemy. Some simply wish to not talk with anyone from work while on vacation or a rest day, so they temporarily get their colleagues’ numbers blocked.


Ways To Bypass Phone Number Blocking

Initiating phone calls can be done easily until the person you wish to contact has blocked your number. It doesn’t mean, however, that it can’t be done. Blocked numbers and persons could still reach out to someone who blocked them regardless if they’re utilizing an iPhone or Android device.

Use Another Phone Number

This may sound like a no-brainer, but it’s one of your best options. Unless it’s included on a general list of blocked or malicious callers, utilizing a private number or borrowed number could bypass any scam shield or caller blocker tool. 

Moreover, iPhones and Androids filter only persons or numbers you’ve specifically set to be blocked. So, it only makes sense to use a different number to call the person who blocked you. Since there’s no way for them to initially identify you, the person you’re calling will more likely answer. If they personally don’t wish to talk with you, however, being able to contact them won’t guarantee you a conversation.

Hiding Caller ID

A caller ID is the primary way to identify a person who owns a certain phone number. This is, of course, provided that you’ve saved the phone number on your iPhone or Android device as a contact. 

Some people prefer a more subtle way of ignoring calls than getting a person’s phone number blocked. They simply save the number on their phone and use an easy-to-remember caller ID so that the next time that person calls, they know better than answering. So, if someone has blocked your number but want to contact them, another great way to do so is to hide the caller ID. 

Hiding caller ID could also greatly help to protect your identity/information, to make an anonymous call, or to call from a work number regarding non-work-related matters. Generally, a person can easily hide their caller ID by adding *67 at the beginning of the phone number before initiating the call. By doing so, the recipient will see No Caller ID or Restricted Call even if the number is saved in their contacts. 

To permanently hide your Caller ID or if you don’t want to go through the aforementioned process, here are the step-by-step processes for iPhone and Android phones. Note that there are also third-party apps that offer built-in methods to do this for you.

  • Hiding Caller ID on Android

Are you one of those phone users asking “how can I call someone who has blocked my number on Android?” Here are the steps on how to hide your caller ID the next time you contact someone.

  1. Navigate to the Phone section of your Android device.
  2. Tap on the Settings Icon (3 vertically arranged dots) on the upper right.
  3. Select Settings, then More or More Settings.
  4. Choose the Caller ID or Show my caller ID option.
  5. Click on Hide my number or tap the disable button.
  • Hiding Caller ID on iPhone

If you’re an iPhone user and you’re asking “how can I call someone who has blocked my number on iPhone?”, then the following step-by-step procedure is for you. Through this process, it’s more likely that the person who blocked you or your phone number would answer your restricted call. 

  1. Navigate to your iPhone’s Settings page.
  2. Tap on Phone.
  3. Select the Show My Caller ID option.
  4. Slide the button to the left to disable it (it should not appear green).
  5. Simply slide it back to re-enable, or you could dial *86 before the number on your keypad.

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