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How Cheaters Hide Their Tracks

By on 2022-06-28 05:41:46, 2 Comments


The way how cheaters hide their tracks is about as varied as the methods they use to cheat. Cheating partners have always existed and are not a new phenomenon. It’s just that, in this technologically advanced day and age, the avenues to cheat have greatly increased. You no longer have to escape the house or office to communicate with the third party. Cheating has now gone digital. These days, the options to choose from to communicate with your secret lover are seemingly limitless.

With that many methods though, also come many chances to get caught. As creative as they are in finding ways to be disloyal to their partners, cheaters are even more creative when it comes to hiding their tracks. Whenever they are cheating while on the phone, computer, or any other device they use to communicate, you can be sure that they are already thinking of ways to hide their illicit conversations from you. 

In this article, let us take a look at some of the signs that your partner is cheating on you and how they hide their tracks to avoid discovery.

Is My Boyfriend Cheating?

Cheaters come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. Some are more obvious than others, making your investigation easier than normal. Maybe they feel guilty for breaking your trust. Or it’s the nerves that make them slip up and spill out their secrets. Or maybe they want to get caught so you have no choice but to break up with them so they can be with their new flame. In these scenarios, the best solution is to just break away from the relationship and move on. There is no point in staying with someone whose attention and affection belong to someone else.

On the other hand, there are cheaters who are so good at hiding their secret relationships. These masters of deception will go to great lengths to avoid suspicion and will deny anything you accuse them of. They will also sound and appear so believable that it will make you wonder if you were at fault for even questioning their loyalty in the first place.

It is these types of cheaters that we should be wary of. If you think your partner is cheating on you then you have to be extra attentive to his actions and behaviors. The slightest shift in body language can already be a clue to his or her infidelity. Call it paranoid, but when dealing with someone who is determined not to get caught, everything should be viewed under a microscope.

Signs Of Cheating


  • Passwords Everywhere!

Let’s get one thing clear first: not all password-obsessed people are cheaters. Some are just overly paranoid characters who are afraid that their personal information or financial data might get stolen from them by online frauds and scammers.

With that said, if your partner has passwords for everything, and shares none of them with you, it can be a red flag. Especially if he or she wasn’t as secretive as before. Yes, sharing passwords isn’t a requirement in any relationship, nor is the not sharing thereof a ground for breaking up. But the lack of transparency and trust is.   

  • Multiple Phones

Much like securing everything with a password, having two or more phones does not automatically make one a cheater. It is what they do on the other phone that should be considered when trying to catch a cheater. Do they seem overly protective of their phone? Do they rarely use the phone whenever you are around? Is the phone always face down so you can’t see new alerts as they come in? If their behavior ticks any of these questions, then you have every right to be suspicious.

Not only are these actions to be observed if your partner has another mobile phone. Even if he or she only has one phone but acts the same as above, then it just might not be only the two of you in the relationship. Remember, your partner doesn’t have to share all of their phone content to you to prove they aren’t cheating on you. But it’s rather how they interact with their mobile device when you are nearby.

  • Secondary Accounts On Social Media

A lot of us have multiple accounts over several social media platforms. Or even two or more accounts on a single one. Whether you are using your real name or an alias for your other accounts, it’s a pretty normal occurrence. What makes the cheaters’ secondary accounts different is that they aren’t friends with their partners there. This allows them to create a totally new persona where they are single and ready to mingle. 

  • Incognito Affair

Incognito web browsing means that whatever sites they were on will not be viewable to whoever has access to their computer or mobile web browser. So even if your partner lets you go through their browser history, you won’t be able to find anything because they were on incognito mode.

Also, if ever they use their browser the normal way, they’d make sure that they clear the browser cache and history, making sure all their digital fingerprints will never be found at the scene of the crime.

  • Anywhere But The Popular Platforms

Keeping in constant communication with their secret lovers is a must in any illicit relationship. Third parties need constant reassurance since they are not the legal partner and they cannot be with their lovers 24/7. In order to do this with the least likelihood of getting caught, cheaters often resort to unpopular or unorthodox means of staying in touch.

By using less popular online social media and messaging platforms, the likelihood of getting caught cheating is lessened. Some even go to greater lengths like going to e-commerce sites, or even using online games, and using their messaging features to chat with their secret partners. It may seem to you that your partner might just be browsing for items to buy, or hanging out with friends in the favorite online game, they are actually planning a rendezvous with their lover.

As you can see, your partners aren’t doing anything out of the ordinary. We use passwords. Many of us also have multiple mobile phones and social media accounts. We do use incognito mode at times and clear our browser history for security purposes. They just know how to stay hidden.

How To Avoid A Cheater

The best way to find out if your partner is cheating on you, or how to avoid one if you are still in the getting to know you stage, is to find out everything there is to know about them. And this is where a reverse phone lookup service, like Kiwi Searches, can help you.   

Kiwi Searches is a reverse phone lookup with name service that is programmed to search the internet for every information about someone. Whether initiating a search by name or phone number, this specialized search engine can get you more than what you want to know about your lover or a potential partner. 

A kiwi search report can give you aliases, other phone numbers, and all possible social media accounts connected to your partner. It can even give you the last known location using mobile GPS triangulation. Making it one of the best reverse phone lookup services out there.   



Is there a free reverse phone lookup service?

You can use Google or the White Pages to search using a phone number for free.

How does Kiwi find the data used in its reports?

Kiwi Searches rely on a variety of sources, from public records and online directories, and even the deep web.

What is Kiwi Searches?

 Kiwi Searches is an online background check service that enables you to access public records and online data in order to learn about any person

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