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How To Find Information On Someone With A Person Search

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How To Find Information On Someone With A Person Search

Have you ever wanted to learn more about someone without prying into their personal life? It can be next to impossible if you don’t have any mutual friends or connections. And depending on who they are, you don’t want them to know that you were looking them up. If you’ve ever wanted to discover how to find information on a person without notifying them, here’s how.

Ways You Can Learn More About Someone

You can do almost anything with the internet. However, unless you’re looking in the right places, you won’t be able to find the latest news, shopping deals, and more. The same goes for when you need to know how to find a person’s information.

1. Check Their Social Media Accounts

When looking someone up, the first thing most people will do is search for them on social media. Recently, Facebook has tightened its privacy settings, preventing users from finding a person’s social media profile by searching for their cell phone number. This is only the start of increased data protection on social networks. Fortunately, there’s still a way to find out someone’s identity with their phone number, and that’s with our phone number search.

How To Find Information On Someone With A Person Search

Do as much research as you can by using helpful tools on the internet.Besides checking social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, try plugging the person’s name into a search engine. Google also has a reverse image tool that can find the source of any photo. Just keep in mind that the internet makes it extremely easy to spread false information.

2. Hire A Private Investigator

For most people, this option is not only costly, but also unnecessary. A private investigator can track someone down for you, but they usually charge at least $50 an hour. You don’t need to know about someone’s every move to decide whether they’re trustworthy or not.

3. Perform A Person Search

Run a background check on anyone in minutes

When you do a person search on Kiwi Searches, you’ll be able to verify the identity of and find the individual you’re looking up. Plus, it’s fast and affordable. You’ll have all the information you need, from public records and licenses to contact information and addresses. A person search compiles all the data you’re looking for in one place, saving you money and time.


Reasons To Run A People Search On Someone

No matter who someone is, you need to make sure that you, your family, and your children are safe around them. That’s why Kiwi Searches offers the most accurate, up-to-date information on all of our tools and services. If you end up in any of these following scenarios, you may want to know how to find information on a person.

Going On A Date

It doesn’t matter whether you met someone at a bar or if you swiped right on them on a dating app, your date might not be who they say they are. In addition, too many people use fake identities online to scam unsuspecting victims. The best way to confirm their identity is with a background check.

Hiring A Babysitter Or Tutor

How To Find Information On Someone With A Person Search

Be sure you can trust the people in your child’s life.

It should go without saying that you need to do a background check on any potential babysitters. It’s the same for anyone else who will be supervising your child, such as a tutor or coach. These are all people that you and your child need to be able to trust. You can to make sure they don’t have any criminal records such as being a sex offender. 

Buying An Item On Craigslist, LetGo, Or Facebook Marketplace

If you’re buying something on one of these platforms, you’re most likely meeting up with someone to actually make the purchase. The Craigslist killer is no longer out on the streets, but other predators may still be out there. But the question is, how do you find information on a person when you don’t have their full name? Just by using their phone number along with our number search tool, you can actually find their full name and contact information.

Taking A New Job

Working for a new company is pretty exciting! No matter how great it seems, though, you shouldn’t let your guard down. Search and find people who work for the company: The CEO, manager, supervisor, and others you’ll be reporting to.. Without knowing how to search for people, you could accidentally end up working for a shady operation.

Boarding Your Pet

One of the cons of going on vacation is leaving your pet behind. Even if you ask a friend or family member to look after them while you’re gone, they still might not get the attention or care they need. Pet sitting and boarding kennels offer great amenities that will make your pet feel right at home. But before you leave your pet with their staff for a week, you should make sure none of them have been convicted of animal cruelty in the past.

Using Airbnb

How To Find Information On Someone With A Person Search

Don’t use Airbnb until you know how to find information on a person.

Whether you’re staying at someone’s apartment that they’re renting out, or sleeping in a room in their house for the next few days, you need to know who your host is. The majority of Airbnb stays go pretty well, but there’s still the occasional horror story every now and then. Furthermore, if you’re a host, you might want to think twice before you let a stranger temporarily stay in your home. Don’t give them your keys until you know they have a clean record.


We live in a world where dangers seem to lurk at every corner. But by learning how to find information on a person using the Kiwi Searches people search engine, and carefully selecting who you let into your inner circle, you can keep yourself and your family safe.

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