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How People Finder Sites Can Help You Save Resources

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Whether you’re finding an estranged family member, tracking down an old friend, or validating someone’s identity, running a people search using a reliable people finder platform would be your best option. For instance, at Kiwi Searches, you can acquire personal information, public records, and digital files about someone just by typing in their first and last name. 

What is People Finder?

As the term implies, people finder sites are cloud-based pages that enable users to search for a person and remotely acquire all available information about, related to, or linked to them. These work similarly to regular web search engines like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. The key difference is that people finders are specifically programmed for people searching.

An effective and true people finder would allow you to just type in a person’s name and, in return, will generate a streamlined comprehensive report containing all available relevant files and valuable information.

What Data Can Be Found on a People Search Report?

People search engines collate data from trusted and official sources such as verified online directories, public records custodians, local/state offices, and government agencies. They are constantly gathering data and simultaneously updating their databases to ensure only correct and up-to-date information will be included in the generated reports.

The details vary depending on several factors such as the platform you use, the plan you avail of, the type of report you requested, or the availability of records. In most cases, however, here’s what you can find on people search reports.

  • Personal Information. You can see the person’s complete legal name including previous ones if they’ve undergone legal name changes. All available contact information like phone numbers and email addresses, as well as home addresses, will also be included.
  • Public Records. A complete history of their education and employment will be listed, including the names and addresses of the schools and companies. You can also see all properties they own.
  • Criminal Background Check Reports. Criminal records, including arrests, convictions, and incarcerations, will be included if available. If any, court records and inmate reports can also be found.
  • Online Accounts and Digital Files. Online accounts or social media profiles that can be linked to the person’s name will also reflect on the report. In some cases, there will even be images of the person in question.

Who Benefits From People Finder Sites?


Since people finders are specific and exclusive search engines, these can significantly help users acquire the results they need without spending too much time, money, and effort. 

These are accessible and efficient one-stop platforms so you won’t have to spend countless hours and exhaust your energy manually browsing through countless files that feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. Plus, you won’t really have to pay a lot. Most of these sites offer convenient searching for a few cents to a few bucks. 

While anyone can basically access and use these sites, people search engines could be most beneficial to the following users. 

  • Parents

To know more about your kids’ friends and to ensure they don’t end up hanging out with suspicious or malicious users. You can also check on your children’s friends online to make sure they aren’t targeted by catfishers, hackers, scammers, cyber bullies, child groomers, or other cybercriminals.

  • Business Owners

To check on a potential business partner’s reputation or a possible customer’s capacity to pay. Small-time landlords or property lessors can also use reports to confirm their decision of entrusting their properties to someone. Startup owners can also look into a candidate’s records for a more informed decision. 

Note, however, that since these sites aren’t official consumer reporting agencies as stated in Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), generated reports must not be used to discriminate against any consumer or job applicant.

  • Dating App Users

To verify if the person you’ve met online is really who they say they are. Before agreeing to meet in person or allowing things between you to get serious, it’s important to check out your date’s true identity and true intentions.

  • Online Consumers

To confirm the credibility of an online seller or online store. Avoid falling victims to fraud and scams by making sure you only transact with registered brands and trusted businesses.

Is There a 100% Free People Finder Platform?

Sure, there are ways to find information about someone without spending a dime. You have to be prepared though to be bombarded by ads and unsolicited messages. Also, be sure you have enough time and patience to manually sort through long lists of relevant results. Moreover, the results from these free people finders could even be inaccurate or obsolete.

If you’re willing to spend time and effort just so you won’t spend money, here are some free search sites you can try.

  • Open-source web browsers such as Chrome and Edge.
  • Digital directories such as White Pages and Yellow Pages.
  • Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Note, however, that free doesn’t necessarily mean best. And in most instances, opting to use a paid search services provider could be your only best option.



Searching for someone’s information – or any information for that matter – has been made more accessible and convenient. Several tools and platforms are now readily available. All you need is to choose smartly which one could best cater to your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you find someone’s history?

Several ways are available to legally look into someone’s records. You could officially request their public records from respective government agencies or request a criminal background check. For accessibility and convenience, you could also use a tested people search engine like Kiwi Searches.


  • How do you find information on someone without them knowing?

People finders like Kiwi Searches allow confidential and private searching. Hence, the person you’re searching for will never be notified or alerted about the search you’ve requested.


  • Are reports from free people finder sites credible?

There are free people finder sites that actually provide true information. The overall credibility and reliability, however, aren’t as consistent as exclusive people search sites like Kiwi Searches. Reports from free sites aren’t always accurate and up-to-date due to the many databases and varying data they handle.


  • What is the best people finder website?

Kiwi Searches is the best people finder website you could use. It utilizes cutting-edge technologies to ensure pulling out relevant data and generating extensive reports are streamlined and efficient. This all-in-one search engine continuously acquires data from reliable sources, verified databases, and official offices. Hence, you can rest assured that all generated reports aren’t just comprehensive but also accurate and up-to-date. 

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