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How To Call Back A Private Number In 2022

By on 2022-01-06 10:37:49, 2 Comments

How To See Blocked Numbers

In this digital world of countless instant messaging apps and various digital communication platforms, phone calls seem to be only utilized during emergencies or urgent matters. Nevertheless, calling through cell networks remains to be one of the most accessible and convenient ways of remotely reaching someone; hence, phone numbers remain to be vital contact information. 

Imagine being alerted by an unexpected phone call only to see in your phone screen No Caller ID, Restricted Call, or Unregistered Number. It could get pretty annoying and frustrating, right? Being torn between not picking up as it might be from a scammer and answering the call as it might be from someone you know contacting you due to emergency reasons. And if this happens oddly frequently, it could be alarming. Avoid ending up in such uncomfortable situations by continuing to read on and learn about some efficient ways in unraveling the identity of the person behind that unknown number calling you, like using a reverse phone number search engine like Kiwi Searches. Search any phone number and discover the person behind that private number that keeps calling you. We’ll also be sharing with you here the effective ways on how to call back a private number.


How Do Private Calls Work?

Private calls, also referred to as masked calls or spoofed calls, are basically phone calls where caller identifiers are concealed. Depending on the device you’re using, when receiving a private call, it would show on your screen Private”, “Private Number”, “Private Caller”, “Restricted Call,” “Unknown Number,” or “Unregistered”.

Private numbers, also referred to as unlisted numbers, are phone numbers that have no caller IDs. For some reason, the owner of the number or the caller has intentionally blocked such vital information. In most cases, private number users are telemarketers, bill/debt collectors, solicitors, and scammers. There are, however, those who opt to use a private number to ensure their privacy and to be not easily reachable by someone they’re not familiar with, telemarketers, bill/debt collectors, solicitors, or scammers.

There could be various ways on how to conceal a caller ID – from typing in *67 before dialing to enabling a certain phone’s built-in feature to pay for such a feature from the network provider to using third-party mobile applications. 

Bottom line, private calls work like regular phone calls just minus the availability of the caller’s identity. Hence, by picking up a private call, you’ll be able to converse with the person on the other line like how you could in a regular phone call. In the same way, you’ll be able to call back private numbers.


How To Call on Private Number

How To Call Anonymously

Indeed, one of the best ways on how to call someone privately is through the use of an unlisted number. Aside from being effective, you have several options and some of those are actually for free. But what if you’re the person on the other end of the line – the one receiving the unexpected unregistered call? What if you need to return the call? How to trace no-caller-ID phone calls? Are there ways on how to call back an unknown number?  Who’s calling me from this number? 

In a nutshell, yes you can return the call from an unregistered number. Here are five of the most efficient ways on how to call back a private number on Android or iOS devices. 

  • Dial *69 To Call the Private Number Back

Probably one of the most convenient ways on how to call a restricted number back is by utilizing the Last Call Return code. This is the North American Numbering Plan Administration and telephone companies’ response to the FCC mandate allowing private calling. Before any other call comes in, dial *69 if you’re using a landline and #69 if you’re using a mobile phone right after you receive a private call. While this won’t actually reveal private numbers or the details of your private caller, at least you get the chance to be able to get back in touch with them. Be mindful, though, of the possible time limit network providers set for this feature; generally, this only works within 30 minutes after the recent call.

  • Check Cell Phone Call Records and Logs

Another way on how to reveal caller IDs and how to call private numbers is by checking out your cell phone call records and logs. Browse through your monthly phone bill statement or log in to your online account with your phone service provider to locate the private-number phone calls. To pinpoint these logs more easily, match the timestamps. Note, however, that not all network carriers include the phone numbers in the statements; you might need to reach out to them to acquire the information and call back the private number user like how you’d normally initiate outgoing calls.

  • Searching Through Reverse Number Lookup

If you’ve managed to reveal your unknown caller’s phone digits and want to acquire more detailed information about them, you could initiate a reverse phone number lookup before calling back. By doing so, you’ll have a clearer picture of who you’re dealing with, increasing your chances of avoiding falling victim to scammers or hackers. To do so, just type in the phone number in any open-source web browser like Google, in major social networking platforms like Facebook, and in trusted third-party search engines like Kiwi Searches.

  • Use Third-Party Applications To Identify Private Number Calls

Another hassle-free way on how to reveal caller IDs and/or how to dial private numbers is through the use of third-party mobile apps that are specifically programmed for such tasks. Such applications are capable of not only unmasking private number calls but also returning the call or blacklisting the caller. In most cases, however, such apps charge you for their services. So, unless you’re unwilling to spend a few bucks, this is worth a try.

  • Setting Up Call Tracing To Unlock Private Number Calls

Call tracking or call tracing is another efficient method of revealing the true identity of the person behind the private or restricted call. To do this, simply dial *57 (if you’re using a landline) or #57 (if you’re using a mobile device) right after receiving the unregistered-number call. There should be voice instructions for your next course of action so just listen and follow the further steps. Some phone companies actually offer such services for free to help stop harassing, threatening, or unlawful unwanted calls. Some, however, might charge you additional fees.


How Do You Unblock Private Numbers on Android?

Blocking the number would usually be the default response when receiving calls from an unknown caller. And by doing so, they would no longer be able to contact you. In most cases, they’ll hear one ring before being redirected to voicemail. Also, sent messages won’t push through and show up on your device. But how to go about calling back private numbers you’ve blocked?

First off, you can see the numbers you’ve blocked by navigating to your Android device’s Phone app. When on that page, tap on the menu button (three vertical dots/lines) > select Blocked > click the Settings button/ Gear icon > choose Blocklist or Blocked Numbers.

Once you’ve verified that you did block the private caller and wish to revert the action, here’s how. Note that by unblocking the unlisted number, they’ll be able to call and message freely. 

  1. Navigate to your Android device’s Phone page by tapping on the app with the telephone icon.
  2. Tap on the More icon (three vertical dots/lines) in the upper-right corner. 
  3. Go to the Settings section.
  4. Select the Blocklist or Blocked Numbers option.
  5. Click on the X button next to the contact you wish to unblock.
  6. Confirm the selection by tapping on the Unblock button.


How To Find Blocked Numbers on iPhone

How Do You Unblock Private Numbers

No-caller ID iPhone contacts can also be blocked and unblocked anytime you want to. Depending on which contact/platform – Phone, Messages, FaceTime, Mail, here are the different ways on how to see blocked numbers on iPhones. 

  • Checking Blocked Contacts on the Phone App
  1. Launch your iPhone’s Settings page.
  2. Go to the Phone section. 
  3. Select the Call Silencing and Blocked Contacts option.
  4. Tap on the Blocked Contact.
  • Checking Blocked Contacts on the Messages App
  1. Launch your iPhone’s Settings page.
  2. Go to the Messages section. 
  3. Browse through the SMS/MMS menu.
  4. Locate and tap on the Block Contacts.
  • Checking Blocked Contacts on the FaceTime App
  1. Launch your iPhone’s Settings page.
  2. Go to the FaceTime section. 
  3. Browse through the Calls menu.
  4. Locate and tap on the Blocked Contacts.
  • Checking Blocked Contacts on the Mail App
  1. Launch your iPhone’s Settings page.
  2. Go to the Mail section. 
  3. Browse through the Threading menu.
  4. Locate and tap on the Blocked.


How To Send a Text With a Private Number

Private numbers can not only be used to call someone, but also to send anonymous text messages. In the same way that there are several methods on how to call someone privately, there are also various means of sending private text messages or initiating SMS conversations without revealing your phone number. 

  • Sending Anonymous Texts Via Third-Party Sites

Navigate to the third-party site of your choice that offers such services. Type in the receiver’s number and your message. Be very careful though in accessing free messaging sites as some offer these free services just so they can hack into your device or network for data breach or exploitation. You could start validating by checking out the URL, be sure it starts with “https” as this means the site is SSL certified. Examples of trusted texting services are and

  • Sending Anonymous Texts Via Third-Party Apps

Go to the Google Play or App Store and download a trusted and reliable mobile app that offers anonymous texting. Be sure to do some research first by checking out online reviews, app ratings, and customer feedback. Once installed, launch the app and follow on-screen instructions in sending the private message.

  • Sending Anonymous Texts Via Email

Another great way of texting a message without showing your phone number is by using an active email account. If you have a dummy email, you can use that; otherwise, we recommend creating a new one – an account with an email address that’s generic or random or anything that you’re sure can’t be linked back to you or any of your other online/social accounts. Once you have that, simply compose an email like how you’d normally do, but instead of typing in an email address on the “To” field, input the recipient’s phone number.

  • Sending Anonymous Texts Via Applied For/Subscribed To Private Number

For a hassle-free and quicker way of sending anonymous texts, you can reach out to your network provider to unlist your number. Note, however, that not all phone companies offer this feature, or at least not for free. Also, when you applied for or subscribed to a private number, bear in mind that all of your communications moving forward would be anonymous. 


How To Make Your Number Private

Should you wish to be an unknown caller or texter for some reason, you can easily achieve that regardless of the device you’re using. 

  • How To Make Your Number Private on iPhone
  1. Launch your iPhone’s Settings page.
  2. Go to the Phone section. 
  3. Select the Show My Caller ID option.
  4. Slide the button beside it to disable this function (it should be grayed out).
  • How To Make Your Number Private on Android
  1. Launch your Android device’s Phone page.
  2. Tap on the Settings button (three vertical dots/lines) in the upper-right corner. 
  3. Go to Settings > More > More Settings.
  4. Select the Caller ID or Show my caller ID option. 
  5. Choose Hide my number or tap the Disable button.

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