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How To Change Your Phone Number Easily

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how to change your phone number

From using body language to drawing symbols to conversing fluently – it’s truly amazing how communication has evolved. Thanks to our ancestors who dared to start and try various forms of human communication, we were able to enhance and innovate such methods, making the process more efficient and convenient.

Now, in this digital era, we’ve succeeded in transforming communication to conveniently typing in or conveying the message through various electronic devices. Text messages and phone calls are undeniably helpful, making communication way easier and smoother. Though there are now various messaging apps that do not require a phone number to function, it’s still highly recommended that you own one.

Even though having a phone number enables a person to communicate with someone, it opens them up to a number of dangers including spoofing, scammers, harassment, stalkers, and more. In these cases, many people will consider changing their phone number for their safety. 


Common Reasons for a Phone Number Change

For A Fresh Start

Getting rid of your old number is commonly a part of moving on. This could include moving to a new place with a different area code, you started a new job, you need to cut ties with your old connections, or you recently broke up with your partner. Whatever your reason may be, changing phone numbers could, indeed, give you a fresh start that you need and deserve.

For More Freedom

Some people change phone numbers simply because they’re receiving too much spam text or voicemail messages, prank calls or marketing offers. There are also more serious cases such as text threats and endless messages or calls from stalkers and predators. While it’s highly advisable to report such incidents, especially threatening ones, merely changing your digits could help you get rid of those. You could also conduct a reverse phone search should you wish to dig deeper regarding who’s on the other line.

For a Better Service

Then we have the most practical reason for changing a phone number – to avail of a better cell phone service. You have the freedom to choose a cell phone carrier you believe could best cater to your needs and preferences. So, the decision of retaining or changing your number depends on you. Carriers often give you the option to keep your current number or get a new one. 


Things To Do Before and After Changing Phone Number

Contact details, including an active phone number, are usually required by organizations such as banks, schools, hospitals, the company we work for, or even some government agencies. Hence, there are certain things you should do before and after changing your number.

Before You Change Your Phone Number:

  • Ensure you’re 100% committed with going through with changing your number, with all the hassles it entails.
  • Identify your preferences for your new number, whether you’re retaining or changing your provider, or if you wish to go for personalized or customized ones.
  • Learn the step-by-step processes to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Back-up the data saved to your current sim card and/or your device.
  • If you’re changing numbers because your device or sim card got lost or stolen, be sure to report this to your network provider to block the number.

After You Change Your Phone Number:

  • Test your new sim card or line. 
  • Confirm that everything’s working well with your new number.
  • Notify your contacts, banks, or any other organization you’re an active member of or that require your updated contact details.
  • Update any platform or apps or sites that need your correct contact information.


The Processes for Changing/Updating Phone Number

There are various methods and processes to ensure the convenience of changing or updating your phone number.

Porting Authorization Code (PAC)

When you want to switch operators but wish to retain your phone number, network providers can perform mobile number portability (MNP) using a porting authorization code (PAC). To start the process, you need to request a PAC from your current provider, then give that to the operator that you wish to transfer to. Depending on various factors, the process could take 7 to 30 days.

Contacting The Network Provider

If you wish to change your phone number but retain your network provider, you can do so by requesting a change on their site or in-person. 

  • AT&T:AT&T charges a fee of up to $15 for a prepaid number change. You simply need to contact them directly to get your new number.
  • T-Mobile: T-Mobile offers one free mobile number change per year, per line. It can take up to 3 days for you to have access to your new number. You need to reach out to them to start the process.
  • Verizon: For Verizon, you can request to change your number through their website or their mobile app. While the last 4 digits will be automatically assigned to you, you can select the area code and the prefix.

Updating Phone Number on Texting Apps

Certain messaging apps are linked to your phone number. Hence, changing your digits might require you to update your details from within the app’s settings. Here are some examples of such texting apps:

Aside from the aforementioned reasons for voluntarily changing your phone number, if you only wish to do so because you want to anonymously text or call someone, various websites offer such features.

Messaging/chatting and calling bring friends and families who are physically miles apart closer. Changing a phone number or a device might interrupt that communication, but if done right, it might enhance or improve it. 

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