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How To Deal With Bad Neighbors

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how to deal with bad neighbors

Your neighborhood or building seemed like the perfect place to live before you moved in. But you happen to have one neighbor that is nothing but trouble. What do you do? How can you confront them without outright accusing them? Below, we discuss how to deal with bad neighbors and the common types you might encounter. 

Common Types of Bad Neighbors 

The Noisy Neighbor

No one ever likes the noisy neighbor who is constantly doing construction, playing loud music, and who knows what at all hours of the day. This problem is especially bothersome if they are making noise during times of the day when you are sleeping. 

The Property Line Invader

A part of a tree branch over your property line is fine. However, some neighbors take things too far and invade your property lines extensively. Such as installing a fence that is clearly on your property. 

The Next Door Slob

Sometimes, you encounter a neighbor who lives next door who doesn’t take care of their home. Their lawn looks like it hasn’t been mowed in who knows how long, and their home looks practically abandoned. The home is an eyesore and actually impacts the value of your home if you were to sell it. 

The Weirdo

There’s always that one neighbor who you just don’t understand and is weird in some way. It could be that they just don’t interact with their neighbors or have very interesting lawn decor. 

The Irresponsible Pet Owner

It’s nice to see neighbors taking care of or walking their dog around the neighborhood. However, if the owner is irresponsible, it could greatly disturb the community. This includes dog poop not being picked up or the animal constantly making loud noises. 

7 Tips For Dealing With Bad Neighbors

Get To Know Them

Before jumping to conclusions about your neighbor, get to know them. Ask them about their pets, job, hobbies, and what’s going on in their life. You may find a logical reason behind the problems your neighbor is causing. 

Talk With Them

Instead of letting the problem go on, talk to your neighbor about it. Don’t go into the conversation angry and demanding. Approach your neighbor in a reasonable manner and try to come up with a solution. 

Lend A Helping Hand

If you show your neighbor kindness, they will most likely be a good neighbor in return. Help them do home repairs, babysit their kids or pets, or make them dinner. The nice gesture may actually spread to your other neighbors as well, leading to a happier community.

Document The Problem

If the problem involves illegal activity or breaking city ordinances, it’s important to document the situation. Videos, photos, and writing down what is occurring is the best way to do this. 

Discuss The Problem With Your Neighbors or Local Association

Before addressing your neighbor, discuss the situation with your other neighbors or local community association. They may have different opinions on the situation, know the neighbor better than you, or provide different methods on handling it. 

Check Local Ordinances and Report Them If Necessary

If you believe that your neighbor is in violation of a city or town ordinance, check with your local government. When reporting your neighbor, you will likely have to include documentation showing the violation. 

Call Local Law Enforcement

Any illegal action you witness your neighbor doing should be reported to local law enforcement. Call the police and provide them with a description of what has been occurring. If you are afraid of your neighbor, see if the police will initially keep your name anonymous. 

Depending on your situation, one or more of these actions should help solve the problem. Having bad or nasty neighbors is a common occurrence no matter where you live. All you can do is do what you can to best handle the situation. 

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