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How To Do A Carrier Lookup By Phone Number

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cell phone carrier lookup by phone number

Moving to a new city and state? Physically moving to a new location isn’t the only difficult part of the process. You have to also deal with figuring out what cell phone carrier has the best service there. Verizon could work in one state, but could be terrible in another. You don’t want to end up moving and realize this after the fact.

Before you move, see if you can connect with anyone that’s in your neighborhood and get their phone number. This will not only help you adjust to your new area, but can help you find out the best phone carrier to get. How you ask? By doing a cell phone carrier lookup by phone number.

What Is A Cell Phone Carrier Lookup?

A carrier lookup is when you reverse phone search a number to see what carrier it uses. Besides learning about the phone carrier (ex: Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T) it uses, you’ll learn other info about the phone number owner. So, if the one you’re searching happens to be your future neighbor, you can see information like:

  • Email Address
  • Work and Educational History
  • Financial and Criminal History
  • Siblings
  • Social Media Profiles
  • And More!

As you are moving to a new area, it’s important to make sure that your neighbor isn’t a criminal. You don’t want to be neighbors with a sex offender!

Steps To Doing A Carrier Lookup

  • Step 1: Why Are You Looking Up The Number?

Before looking up a number, make sure you know your motives for doing so. Are you doing so to find the best carrier for you or to snoop on your new neighbors? It’s essential to know your reasons before taking action.

  • Step 2: Get The Number You Want To Search

Besides knowing your motives, you need to get the phone number(s) you want to lookup. If you can’t get a potential neighbors number, you may want to consider getting a local business’s number. You could also use a relative’s phone number if they live in that area as well.

Using our phone carrier lookup service, you just have to enter the phone number you have and press search. We will do all of the work in finding information regarding that number including what phone carrier they are using. We search our own and public records databases for the phone details.

  • Step 4: View Your Results!

In just a few minutes, you will receive results regarding the number you searched. Not only will you learn what carrier the phone uses, but the owner’s work history, criminal background, and more.


So, that’s how to do a carrier lookup by phone number. Doing this search will help your moving process and ensure that your cell phone reception doesn’t falter in the move.

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