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How To Find Friends On Facebook

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How To Search For People On Facebook

How To Search For People On Facebook

Facebook was built on the premise of connecting people together. Even as technology expands and we become more socially distant, we still want to see what our friends are up to online. One of the most multifaceted ways to find friends is through Facebook.

Facebook is the most powerful social networking site making it ideal for reaching out to High School friends or networking with others  This article will guide you on how to search for people on Facebook.

1. Facebook Search Bar

Search open Facebook profiles by looking for the white search bar at the top, which contrasts with the blue background. Facebook makes it easy for people who aren’t familiar with the platform to find it. The search box does what it says, it allows you to find people on Facebook by name.

In the search bar, type in:

  • names
  • pages
  • groups
  • events
How To Search For Someone On Facebook

Source: Facebook

2. Facebook Friend Finder

Click on the “friends finder” option on the left side of your homepage. About 2.23 billion monthly active users are online now, meaning infinite numbers of connections for your future. Next, you’ll see a form requiring certain information for your search. Once the search goes through, you’ll receive a list of relevant contacts. This search tool is very specific and should give you proper results. Facebook’s friend finder helps build your friend list quickly after making your account.

The information required:

  • name
  • hometown
  • current city
  • a mutual friend
  • gender
  • age
How To Search For People On Facebook

Source: WikiHow

3. Type In Email Address

If you know your friend or co-workers email already, then you’re halfway there. To find the person, simply type their email into the search bar for instant results. If the correct email is entered in, you should be immediately matched with the person you’re seeking.

Once you find them, you can add them as a friend. Then, you’ll see their posts on your homepage every time you’re logged on.

How To Search For People On Facebook

4. People You May Know

When checking notifications and friend requests, you will see the section “people you may know“. This feature list of people on Facebook that you may know. So, you may occasionally be matched with someone you don’t know. Facebook’s suggestions are based on these metrics:

  • Having mutual friends. 
  • Being in the same Facebook group. 
  • Being tagged in the same photo.
  • Your networks (school or work).

Mutual friends are the most important metric for finding friends.

How To Search For Someone On Facebook

Source: Quora

Finding Friends

The internet and social media networks like Facebook have improved our lives and made it easier to accomplish day-to-day tasks. Whether we are posting about our day or networking online, it’s important to utilize. Even with Facebook’s many scandals, people are still using the service to find other people.

After reading this article, hopefully, you understand how to find someone on Facebook and easily search for friends.

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3 responses to “How To Find Friends On Facebook”

  1. Avatar Ann F. Snook-Moreau says:

    I find that using the “people you may know” tool or searching through friends’ lists of friends works best. Sometimes people don’t use their real name for profiles or block being searchable!

  2. I’m amazed that people I went to high school with over 40 years ago, suddenly show up on FB with a friend request. It’s like being transported back to 1975, except now with wrinkles and grey hair.

  3. […] some stranger to know where you are at all times. This is why you should be selective as to who you become friends with on […]

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