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How To Find My Biological Parents Even With Very Little Information?

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Are you one of the many people in the United States wondering ‘Can I still find my parents?’ ‘Are there ways to know my real dad’s whereabouts?’ ‘Is it possible to reunite with my biological mom?

Regardless of your circumstances, it’s completely normal and understandable to exert effort and exhaust all possibilities to reconnect with estranged family members or distant relatives. After all, family is family – blood would, in most cases, still be thicker than water. The good thing is that there are now various efficient ways to do so. For starters, a reliable people search engine would be a great option.


What Information Do I Need to Find My Birth Parents?

Thanks to technology, tracking down someone you’ve lost contact with or reuniting with your long-lost family members is now possible. 

You can gain access to extensive reports at Kiwi Searches even with very little information. 

  • Cell Phone Number. Our reverse phone lookup feature lets you identify the owner and know their whereabouts.
  • First and Last Name. We have a person search feature that enables you to acquire valuable information just by searching for one’s legal name.
  • Other Basic Personal Information. If you have other relevant information, no matter how tiny the details may seem, you can use those to cross-check reports.


What are the Possible Reasons for Family Estrangement?

Family is one of the thickest and strongest relationships. Still, no single family or household is perfect. Some family issues result in permanent separations. Some end up growing up with a foster dad due to financial difficulties. Some abandon their children due to commitment issues

There are always explanations or reasons for such circumstances. And while it’s easier to judge or even discriminate, the reasons or purposes could be logical at some level. Here are some of those.

  • Financial Challenges. Some parents are forced to give up their children for adoption because they aren’t financially ready. Their sources of income aren’t stable enough to raise kids or support a family.
  • Family Issues. Disagreements among family members could trigger them to part ways. Yes, unaddressed issues or overlooked misunderstandings could also result in family fallouts.
  • Inheritance Disputes. The classic war on inheritance or will is still an ongoing battle fought by several families across the globe – from disputes on land titles to property ownerships to ancestral home rights.
  • Personal Differences. We don’t get to choose the household we grow up with. And sometimes, to prevent further damage or heartaches, family members choose to go their separate ways and mind their businesses.


How Can I Use Kiwi Searches to Find my Parents?

Kiwi Searches is an all-in-one search engine that allows users to generate extensive reports about anyone. We’ve designed our platform to ensure accessibility and convenience. We see to it that the complexity of the programming codes and algorithms we use don’t manifest on the user-facing interface. After all, we aim to offer a safe and credible venue for everyone, including less tech-savvy users. 

Our people search engine services can be accessed and used through any internet-enabled device. Plus, you won’t have to install any third-party tools or set up complicated software. In fact, you can gain access to our detailed and comprehensive reports in just 3 quick and easy steps.

  1. Navigate to our official People Search Page
  2. Type in the person’s first and last name on the designated Search field.
  3. Click on the View Full Report and wait for the records in your email.

At Kiwi Searches, we own and manage secure databases to protect the privacy of all data we have in our possession. We only collate information from trusted directories and official sources to ensure the credibility and accuracy of our reports. We wish only to provide valuable and up-to-date information.

  • Complete legal names and all known aliases
  • Age, gender, religion, and ethnicity
  • Current and previous home addresses
  • Educational background
  • Employment history
  • Criminal reports
  • Properties, licenses, and other public records
  • Publicly available digital accounts


What are Other Ways to Search or Find My Real Parents?

If you’re one of the many people wondering “Where is my mom?” “How can I find my foster dad?” “Can I reunite with my real family?”, you could somehow be at ease to know that there are several ways to find your relatives.

Aside from reliable people search engines like Kiwi Searches, there are several means of trying to locate and reconnect with your loved ones. 

  • Through Other Relatives. You can start searching by asking around and interviewing other relatives you still have contact with.
  • Web Search Engines. Web browsers like Google Chrome allow you to access all sorts of information related or relevant to the person you’re searching for.
  • Social Networking Sites. Social media sites like Facebook require personal information upon registration which you could access unless set to private.
  • Local Police. Bear in mind that you can always reach out to your local police or any respective government agency.
  • Private Investigators. If all else fails, you can always hire professional investigators to track down your relatives on your behalf.



Finding your loved ones – or anyone for that matter – has now become more accessible thanks to technology. Kiwi Searches, for instance, is a tech-advanced platform that allows users to acquire valuable information about individuals, phone numbers, and addresses. You have to bear in mind though that such innovations aren’t meant to be taken advantage of. In no way should you use Kiwi Searches and any other sites or applications for illegal or unlawful purposes.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are birth certificates considered public records?

Yes, birth certificates are vital records that are technically considered to be public records. However, not anyone can request copies of these. Only parents, guardians, authorities, and other individuals stated explicitly in the document can gain access.

  • How to find my biological parents without paying any charges?

You could use free or open-source platforms like Chrome, Edge, Facebook, Twitter, and the like. You can also ask around and interview possible leads.

  • How do I find my birth parents’ current whereabouts?

The best way to start finding your parents’ whereabouts is through a trusted and reliable people search engine like Kiwi Searches. Its vast and secure databases contain valuable information acquired from official sources. Multi-layered algorithms are then used to ensure smooth and streamlined searching.

  • What’s the best way to track down my estranged family members in the United States?

Several search engines in the United States are available for everyone. And Kiwi Searches is one of your best options. It’s accessible, reliable, credible, and affordable.

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