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How To Find Out If Someone Is Divorced

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how to find out if someone is divorced

With the divorce rate being higher than ever, people want to search for information about the person before getting to know them any further. Maybe you want to do a people search or a background check on someone to find out some information, but where should you go to find marriage and divorce records? With the increased use of technology and data being essential for many companies, these records are available to everyone. You do not want to be left wondering if that person you are seeing or someone you are interested in has someone else in their life or might not be telling you the truth. Using the tips below will help you learn how to tell if someone is divorced. 


Ways To Uncover If Someone Is Divorced 

You may be looking for signs that someone is divorced, but it may be hard to find out for sure if someone is divorced or know someone’s marital status. You should always start by being direct with the person and ask them; however, some questions like this one are avoided or dismissed. You can look for a ring, check social media, ask friends, and many other things, but it might not be as effective as the tips below.

Find Divorce Records

Much like marriage records, divorce records are available for anyone to request a copy. You can find these records by going to your county court clerk. You can also use websites like Kiwi Searches to locate these divorce records online. The divorce records can tell you the date of the divorce through the divorce certificate and through the divorce decree, which includes child custody and decisions of divided assets.  

Look For A Ring

If someone is still married, a ring is the easiest way to tell if someone is still married or not. Someone who is still married will often wear their wedding ring on their left hand. If you notice that they are not wearing a ring, it can be an indicator that they are single or have been through a divorce. 

Notice Phone Behavior

If the person is very cautious about allowing you to touch their phone or is always keeping their phone hidden, that can be a crucial indicator. They may also be continually avoiding calls or notifications on their phone, this could mean that they may not be as available or single as they claim to be.

Ask Around

Asking those that you’re close with may uncover information about someone, or not at all. However, you want to keep in mind that asking others might trigger someone to tell that person you are asking about them. 

Look On Social Media

Nowadays, everyone has social media accounts, whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. By locating their accounts, you can see previous information like photos, the state or county they are from, date of divorce or marriage, and lots of other information.

Listen To Them

The best way to find out to just directly ask them their marital status. They may try to avoid the question which is a key indicator that they may still be married or currently going through a divorce. They may answer you and tell you their status, or give another answer to show they are serious about their relationship with you. 


Why Someone May Need To Find Out 

It is essential to know the truth about the person that you may be spending time with or someone you are interested in. People will often lie about their marital status or may say their divorce was filed when it really has not. You do not deserve to be left wondering about their status, whether you ask them to show you a certified copy of the divorce records for free or you use an online service that may charge a fee you want to know. 

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