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How to Find Out if Someone is Married - Check Before Tying The Knot

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how to tell if someone is married

Marriage is a serious commitment, a huge step to take. It wouldn’t hurt to make sure of your partner’s marital status especially if they are giving you reasons to suspect. Even if there are no plans to get married yet, it is best to make sure that the person you’re seeing doesn’t have a family already. Save yourself and your family members from the heartache and the headache, check before it’s too late.

You could easily perform a background check online. Public records in all states across the country can be accessed through the proper channels. If you want a more thorough background check or records search, or you simply don’t want to do it yourself, use a third-party background check service providers that could do the work for you. Read on for some tips to know once and for all if someone is married.


Are They Married? – Steps To Take To Find Out

Your gut feeling may prompt you to question if the person you’re seeing has someone else or is possibly married. However, to confirm your gut feeling or prove it wrong, there are several ways to find out and uncover information.

Ask Them

Tan lines on the ring finger may be an easy giveaway that the person you’re seeing is already married. However, it is still something that could be explained. One way to make sure is to ask them directly. If it turns out that you’re wrong then it would certainly be awkward, but you could either laugh it off or it could lead to a serious conversation that’s long overdue. Besides, if your relationship is getting serious, then you must be prepared to ask the hard questions and accept hard truths.

Check On Social Media

Almost everyone has at least one social media account these days. You could check their accounts and ‘stalk’ their previous posts and photos. Be sure to check for hidden accounts that they may have. You could also check their family’s and close friends’ accounts. Even if you’re checking on someone’s marital status for a family member or a friend, all you need are some key information like name and address (even just the state or previous states they have lived in) and a photograph.

Run A Background Check

If you want more pertinent information then it’s best to do background checks. States in the United States allow access to certain public records depending on the purpose and the information one wishes to obtain. Marriage records as well as divorce records could usually be accessed easily; you may need to submit a written request or in some cases, request for the records in person. You could check online regarding which department manages vital records for that particular state. For a lot of states, you’d need to check with the county clerk where the marriage may have taken place.

There are also third-party non-FCRA-accredited services that you could use. They could do the background check for you, you’d only need to provide information like name or phone number. Be sure to check the terms of service before going through with the online search and making a purchase. These services take less time and provide more thorough checks.


Other Information You Can Access On A Background Check

A background check is governed by certain laws such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). You could either contact the recorder’s offices or go to an accredited consumer reporting agency. Aside from vital records like birth, marriage, divorce, death, and even adoption records, there’s a lot more information that you could access. You could check a person’s criminal history including court records, inmate records, and any cases the person may have been involved in.  Credit information may also be accessed, including credit standing, credit capacity, and credit history. Information on property and land ownerships may also be accessed. Remember, however, that there may be legal limitations on the information you could access.

By either looking on social media, conducting a background check, or asking your partner, you can finally find out if your partner is or has been married. It’s best to get any secrets out in the open especially if you want to spend the rest of your life with them.

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