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How to Know When It Is Time To Block Your Ex

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How to Know When It Is Time To Block Your Ex

Should you block your ex on social media?

This answer to this question will be different for every ended relationship. Much like every relationship is unique, so too are breakups. Reasons for breaking up vary in each partnership. It could be because one, or even both, of them, were cheating on each other. Or maybe it was a long-distance relationship that didn’t work out. Or, just simply, it doesn’t work anymore.      

Whether or not you should be blocking your ex on social media depends on the circumstances of your breakup and how it is affecting you. If you are okay with seeing posts from your ex showing up on your timeline, or if you remain on talking terms, then there is no reason to block your ex on social media. However, if you are still hurting, and if every new post of your former partner makes you cry, then you should consider blocking your ex.

If you’re looking for signs you should block your ex, we’ll give you a few:

To help you overcome the breakup

If you still want to be with your partner again and it is clear that he or she does not feel the same, maybe it is time to let it go and move on. One-way relationships are never healthy and can only bring more painful feelings, especially if you see their posts on social networks and they look happy. If it is quite clear that your ex-lover has learned to enjoy life without you, then you must do the same.

To cut off all communication

A lot of times when dealing with breakups, it is easier to quit cold turkey. Cutting off all communication lines at once may be the solution you need to get out of the blues. Usually, when we are alone at home without anyone to comfort us, we tend to call our ex or send them a message. Maybe you just want to talk, or you’re trying to rekindle the fire the two of you once had. 

Or it might be the other way around. Maybe it’s you who doesn’t want to get back together again, and your ex is the one who insists that life is better when you’re both a couple. If that’s not what you want the call and messages are becoming annoying, then removing his number from your phone and disconnecting from all social media relationships is the best solution so you can both continue your life.

They are toxic and play on your emotions

If you have entered into a toxic relationship and have decided to end the relationship, then blocking your ex is the only solution. If your ex abused you, physically and mentally, or was extremely jealous and possessive, then it was not a healthy relationship. The worst part is that even if you want out, they know how to pull you back. Whether through their charm or in their words, they know the right buttons that need to be pressed to make you believe in the relationship again. You will even make you feel guilty for leaving them in the first place. As if all the problems in the relationship were your fault and you should be grateful that there is someone who wants to be in a relationship with you.

If you have the opportunity to break away from this toxic partnership, take advantage of the opportunity and break up immediately, both physically and digitally. Don’t give them another chance to reach out and pull you back. 

To Stop the Cycle

On and off relationships are hard to maintain and can be very taxing to both partners. One day you are all lovey-dovey, then after one fight, you break up only to get back together after a few days. Sure we all get into fights with our partners, those are natural in any relationship. And a call to cool off can sometimes be warranted. But if this seems to be happening a lot, and you find yourselves breaking up after the pettiest of arguments, then maybe you both need to call it quits for the last time. Take the step to block your ex on social media and end this sad and painful cycle.

If you think ending all modes of communication is the best way for you and your ex to get through your breakup, then the following question is: when. When should you block your ex? Is it best to block an ex right after the breakup? Or do you have to wait until you have run through all your emotions and have calmed down? 

As the question of why to block your old lover, the question of when to block is also different in every relationship. There is no specific point in time that applies to all relationships. For some, the day of the breakup is best, for others it will take some time before the important decision is to be made. Let’s say it again: take your time and don’t let anyone force you to make an immediate decision.


When To Block Your Ex On Social Media 

When To Block Your Ex On Social Media

While the decision on when to block your ex on social media is up to you, if you find that you can relate to the scenarios below, you may need to make that decision as soon as possible.

When You’re Ready To Let Go

Letting go is difficult. There is no way to get around it. After all the time and effort, it’s completely understandable why it’s hard to get over your ex. Many people go through an emotional roller coaster ride before finally settling down to find out what they want to happen next. But after all that crying, wine and beer, and after all the food binge while watching your favorite rom-com, you are probably ready to accept the truth. If you are ready to go out into the world again and you realize that life will go on without the former love of your life, then maybe it is time to block your ex.

If They Harass You

This should be easy. As with toxic behavior, you must disconnect all communication lines immediately. Online harassment is not only mentally and emotionally depleting, but it can lead to physical altercations, which is a very dangerous situation for everyone. This usually happens when it is you who broke up and the other is not ready to let go. 

They Are Constantly Posting To Try And Get You Jealous

One of the oldest tricks in the book. Hook up with a new partner and flaunt your new relationship everywhere. This was a common scene in high schools and universities, and now this tactic has reached social media, where you can now see your old flame and his or her new partner any time, all the time. They love to post pictures of them looking like they are over you and have moved on. But, secretly, all they are doing is trying to get you jealous and make it look like you’re missing out on a lot since the breakup. 

If this attention-seeking tactic is successful in getting under your skin, then it’s best to just block your ex so you won’t be updated whenever they post another picture. This way, the make-you-jealous-so-get-back-together scheme they do will be for nothing.   

Is It Immature To Block Your Ex?

Is it ok to block your ex? If blocking an ex on social media brings you peace of mind, it makes sense to do so. Also, if you enter into a new relationship, it is only fair to your new partner that you cannot easily contact your ex or vice versa.

Are you afraid your ex is trying to contact you?

Are you afraid your ex is trying to contact you

Now that you are happily single, or in a new relationship that you are trying to grow, are you worried that your ex may be trying to make contact with you? You may be concerned that there is an unknown number that you are constantly calling. If the separation was mutual and understood, then you can simply talk to your ex and explain why he or she should not call again. But what if your ex was abusive and harassed you before you blocked his number?

He or she may have gotten a new number and is now trying to contact you again.

Would you risk answering the call from that unknown number? Can you find out who’s calling you without answering?

Let Kiwi Searches help you

Kiwi Searches is a people-finder app that has millions of data stored on its secure servers that can get you the information you need. You just simply type in the name of your ex and you will get up-to-date information instantly. Know their current and previous addresses, current phone numbers, and even known aliases. You can even get to know if he or she has been arrested lately, or whether he or now has a license for a gun. This is very important information especially when you are dealing with a violent person.

Feel secure with Kiwi. Put a name to those unknown numbers and make sure that it’s not your crazy ex trying to pull you back into an unhappy situation.

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