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How to Practice Safe Dating

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How to Practice Safe Dating

Dating is a fun experience that every woman should be able to experience at least once in their life. The feeling of mystery, surprise, and maybe even love, at first sight, is one of the joys that one can get in the world of dating.

However, not all experiences can be rainbows and butterflies. Dangerous and creepy people lurk in the world around us, waiting for an opportunity to destroy our fantasies and leaving us with hate and distrust and not wanting to ever meet new people again. If you’re worried if the person you’re dating is not who they say they are, then be safe and try Kiwi Searches to perform a background check. 

But we should not let these kinds of people ruin our chance for a happy ending. Read on down for our dating safety tips so you can have a great experience with someone new.


Don’t Share Personal Information With A Stranger

Don’t Share Personal Information With A Stranger

Remember, the first time you meet your date, whether online or out in the real world, he is still a stranger. And even after a few dates, you should still consider him a stranger. He doesn’t need to know your mother’s maiden name or where you grew up. In this day and age, you never know a person and their true intentions after just a couple of get-togethers. If the person is a stalker or a predator, he can use whatever information you share to find you. Even a seemingly innocent nugget of information, like where you were born, can be enough info for a people finder program to be able to give out your whereabouts.


Don’t Be Too Eager to Give Out Your Phone Number

In the world of online dating, it’s pretty common to transition from online dating apps to text messaging and then over to voice calls for more intimate and private conversations. Do take note that when transitioning from online communication to text messaging involves having to give the other person your phone number, and that could lead to unexpected inconveniences and danger.

The person on the other end can nag you non-stop and barrage you with calls and text messages at all hours of the day, which can be mildly irritating to downright frustrating. Also, depending on the tech-savviness of the person, he can use that number to track you and find out more information about you using a reverse phone number search.


Be Aware of What You Post

Be Aware of What You Post

Ah, the art of the humblebrag. Sharing with the world your new house, car, or latest professional accomplishment can net you the right person you want to hook up with. Being on the up and up in life is surely something anyone can be proud of but we should be careful of all the hidden details we might accidentally share with those who can be a danger to us.

Your new car picture might show your license plate number; your house: a street name and even your house number might be visible for everyone to see. These little details are gold mines of information that they can use to stalk you, converting your online happy post into real-world danger.


Be Wary About Posting too Many Party Pictures

Outfits that reveal your body shape. Low-cut tops that show your sexy side. As they say: If you’ve got it, flaunt it. It’s a creed that is perfectly fine to live by. However, if those are the only looks that you show on your dating profiles and social media accounts, then you might be giving off a vibe that can attract undesirable attention. Keep in mind that your public photos not only attract decent people, but predators are also always on the lookout for would-be victims. 

If you have a lot of photos that are desirable to the wrong crowd, the best way is to customize your privacy setting to make sure that you share your awesome photos with those who know you or those that can appreciate them properly.


Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

Everyone puts their best foot forward on the first date. Always remember that. And who they are when you first meet them might not be who they are once you get to know them further.

This may be an extreme example, but serial killer Ted Bundy would be a perfect subject for this topic. A handsome and charismatic person paired with a tongue that can sweet-talk his way to your heart, Bundy knew how to entice women to go along with him. You all know what happened to them after.

Just because he is the boy next door type that you can introduce to your momma, doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a dark side hidden within. 


Keep Your First Few Dates In Public Places and Always Pick the Location

Picking the place to meet up on a first date means that you know the area where you will meet and that no bad surprises are waiting for you. Choose locations that are familiar to you, including traveling to and from those places. Meeting in public places like malls, coffee shops, parks, and restaurants that are frequented by a lot of people is a good place for the first few dates.

While having an intimate dinner for two on a boat might sound romantic, the isolation could be very dangerous if your date had other plans for you and there is no one around in case you need help.


Trust Your Gut Instincts

A lot of times, your first instincts are almost always the right ones. If you feel that he is hiding something from you, or his actions are making you feel that something is not right, do not take the risk of ignoring your instincts and sticking around hoping that you were wrong. That is not a risk worth taking.


Tell Friends and Family About the Date Details

Tell Friends and Family About the Date Details

Don’t go off and meet a stranger without anyone else knowing about it. Letting a friend or a family member know where you are going and who you’re going to meet is always a good idea. If you can, check-in with them even during the date with a quick video call so they can see your date and your surroundings. Let them when the date is over and give a timeframe on when they should expect you back.

Having someone know your whereabouts when meeting up with someone new gives you a layer of security that can come over to where you are in case something happens.


Watch Your Alcohol, Literally and Figuratively

Know your alcohol intake limit and stay well below that limit when hanging out with someone you don’t know yet. What you drink is something that you have control over so don’t give that control to someone else by drinking too much.

Also, keep an eye on your drink and make sure no one adds anything unexpected to it. You might think that it only happens in the movies, but spiking drinks is a very common occurrence.


Be Ready With Your Escape or Emergency Words

If you feel uncomfortable in any way, or notice a lot of red flags, be ready with your “I have to go” reason so you can end the date early. If he tries to convince you to stay a little while longer, Send out your emergency word to your friends or family so that they know that it’s time to come and get you.

Some bars nowadays have emergency words or encourage you to come up to the waiters or security and tell them your emergency word so that they can come and help you when the need arises. 

These are some of the tips you need to know whenever you are going out to meet someone for the first time. Keep these safety tips in mind so that you can have a safe dating experience. 

Another thing you can do is to prepare yourself, way before you step out the door. Using background checks like Kiwi searches, get to know your potential dates even before coming face to face. Simply type in the name of the person on the Kiwi webpage, and you will be presented with a lot of data that you might want to know that can help you decide if you want to push through with your date. Who knows, he might not even have given you his real name!



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What is the most used dating app?

Tinder has been the most popular dating app for several years running

Are Paid dating sites better?

Surprisingly, free dating apps have scored a higher overall satisfaction score than paid apps.

How can I find someone without a dating app?

Network events in the industry you work in, or sports clubs and gyms, are some of the popular ways to meet someone in the real world

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