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How To Search For Someone's Maiden Name

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When someone gets married, they may take their partner’s last name. So, a person now has a completely different full name. When this happens, their previous name is referred to as their maiden name.

Whether you are looking to reconnect with or learn more information about someone, you have to consider that they may be going by a new name. But how can you search for information about someone without knowing their maiden name? Well, the best solution is to follow our tips on how to search for someone’s maiden name. 


3 Ways To Find and Search For A Person’s Maiden Name

Look At Their Family Members and Ancestor’s Names

If possible, first try to figure out the full names of the person’s family members and/or ancestors. Likely the person’s maiden name is the same as close relatives like their father, grandfather, or brothers. 

Find Their Marriage Records

Marriage records, including marriage certificates and licenses, will contain the full name of the two participants. You can request these records with the local or state department where the marriage took place. Some states also provide methods for searching marriage records online. 

Run A Person Search Using Kiwi Searches

The surefire way to find someone’s maiden name is to do a person search using Kiwi Searches. Start by visiting this page, enter the full name of the person, and click search. Kiwi Searches will take care of the rest, searching its database, public records, and vital records for information. After the search process completes, look through the results to find the person you’re looking for. 

In the person search report, Kiwi Searches may provide a report containing the following:

  • Aliases
  • Siblings and Relatives
  • Contact Information
  • Age
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Work and Education History
  • And much more. 

This information and more can be utilized to confirm a person’s full maiden name. 


Situations Where Searching A Maiden Name Is Necessary

Creating A Family Tree

Whether for a school project or curiosity’s sake, searching for maiden names is necessary when creating a family tree. For example, to track your mother’s family history properly, you will need to know her maiden name first. If you are in touch with your family members, always ask them for help before using online sites and services. 

Applying For Joint Personal Loans, Credit Cards, and Bank Accounts

When someone is married, they may file for joint loans, bank accounts, and credit cards with their spouse. Often, entities will ask for your partner’s maiden name during the set-up and approval process. Also, one of the most common security questions asked on online accounts, especially financial ones, is “What is your mother’s maiden name?”.

Whatever your reason may be, rely on Kiwi Searches to find information on someone including their maiden name. If you need assistance, contact their helpful and knowledgeable customer service staff. 

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