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How To Stop Caller ID Spoofing

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caller id spoofing

Caller ID spoofing has been around for a long time and has been affecting people all over the world. You may be wondering what caller ID spoofing is? Caller ID spoofing is when someone changes the source or phone number of an incoming call. Even though spoofing is not illegal, many times we have seen it used for the intent to defraud, cause harm, or reveal personal information from the person receiving the call. I am sure that you have heard or maybe even received a call from a spoofed caller asking for personal information about you. How will you know when you are receiving spoofed calls? Let’s look at some ways you can stop any illegally spoofing calls.

What Is Caller ID Spoofing?

We have all experienced some type of spam phone call before, some of us, maybe even every day. It may look like a number you recognize or just an unknown number when you answer the phone. They pretend to be a government agency like the IRS or maybe even Apple support asking for a payment. That is caller ID spoofing, and we need to find a way to stop these robocalls from spamming our phones

Stop ID Spoofing Today!

You are probably wondering what you should do if you are receiving these types of calls. Should you contact your telephone company? Using these tips below, you can make sure that you will end these spam calls for good. These calls are being disguised uniquely, and it could be hard to tell if it is a real or spam call. Do not let these calls affect your daily life anymore. 

– Send The Unknown Telephone Number To Voicemail

By sending unknown numbers to your voicemail box, you are essentially screening your calls. If the call is important, they will leave a message so that you will call them back. We have seen many scammers disguise their caller ID with a number with your area code. 

– Report Fraudulent Calls     

It may seem like a shot in the dark, but government agencies will take action when they receive many complaints about the same offender. Who should you call? Although the FCC rules will not apply here, you can submit your reports to the FTC’s Complaint Assistant. Your report could help others who were affected by the same scammer.  

– Download A Call Blocking App

This is a great way to filter the number of incoming calls you receive a day. Often, we are spammed with calls from scammers, telemarketers, and insurance companies within a typical day. By using call blocking apps, you can reduce the number of spam calls you get. With unique filters you can apply, you can significantly take control of the amount of calls you receive.

– Create Your Contact List

If you have a contact list of numbers with names, you can clearly know who is calling you. If you are trying to remember every person’s number, it is still hard to keep track of what numbers you recognize and which ones you do not. This contact list should include family, doctors, friends, and other important people in your life. 

– Join The Do Not Call Registry

Joining the National Do Not Call Registry could help you avoid receiving spoofing calls. This may not protect you from all unknown spam calls you may be receiving. However, this will notify legitimate telemarketers that you are not interested. You can add your home number, or even your mobile number to stop all those unwanted telemarketing calls today!

What Should You Do?

All of the suggestions above will help make sure that you can stop your unwanted daily spam callers. We are hearing stories about how these spoofed numbers could be from many different people, and almost all of them are unwanted by the person receiving the call. So, what are you going to do to make sure that your unwanted calls end now? Don’t be stuck with those millions of spam calls and keep your number protected today.

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