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Locate a Person by Phone Number - Now You Can Retrieve Your Lost/Stolen Device!

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The best method to locate a person by phone number largely depends on the reason or purpose of your search. Other factors, such as available data and equipment, also come into play. When it comes to a lost or stolen device, anyone is willing to do pretty much any method to track and retrieve it.


What To Do When Your Phone Gets Lost or Stolen?

Before we go into the different ways to retrieve a lost or stolen device, let’s have a run-through on the things that you should do once you realize that your phone has been stolen or lost. Keep in mind that your first actions are critical to the success of retrieving your device. Moreover, your immediate steps could either help protect your data or have it compromised.

Here are some of the first things you should do if your device gets lost or stolen:

  • Call and/or Text Your Phone

Start simple. Call or text your device using another mobile phone. If your phone’s found by a good Samaritan, this could be of great help. You can also use your carrier’s mobile app to send an alert to your device. Also, you can use your carrier’s mobile app to override your settings and sound an alert, especially in case your phone is on silent.

  • Change Your Passwords


It’s crucial to immediately change your passwords. This includes all your social media accounts, online banking accounts, email accounts, and other important accounts that you may have logged in on your device.

  • File a Report

You should also file a report to your phone carrier and/or network provider. You may also want to consider immediately filing a police report. If you know your IMEI number, the police could also help you track your phone’s location.

  • Notify Others

Tell your family, friends, and colleagues about your lost phone. You can ask others to relay the news or log into your socials from another device to inform others. This could help keep others from falling victim to possible fraudsters who may have gotten your device. While at it, notify your banks and other institutions.

  • Track Your Device


Start tracking your device as soon as possible. You can take advantage of your phone’s built-in feature. You can also use apps or software to locate a phone by number or track your device’s real-time GPS location. You should also track your bank statements and your credit report to make sure that your data has not been compromised.


How to Retrieve Your Lost/Stolen Device?

There are various methods you can try to retrieve your stolen or lost device. You can track a phone location free of charge, though the information you acquire may be limited. You can also locate a phone by number, by GPS, and by using an array of other search tools.

  • Find My


Use Find My to track your lost or stolen iPhone and other iOS devices. Take note that Find My must be turned on on your device. You can also enable Share My location to enable family and friends to track your device, Find My network to see your device even when it’s offline, and Send Last to have your device’s location sent to Apple when your battery goes low. Using Find My, you can choose to Play a Sound, locate the device on the map using Directions, or choose Mark it as Lost and Erase Device to protect your data.

  • Find My Device

This method works similarly to Find My. However, this one’s for Android devices or phones that are linked to a Google account. Moreover, you must know the Google account’s login credentials. Using Find My Device, you can remotely find, play a sound on, lock, or erase your device.

  • IMEI Number

Your IMEI number is a 15-digit number that serves as your phone’s device code. Knowing your IMEI number is a great way to protect your device. You can provide this number to the police or your service provider to help them locate your device. 

  • Mobile Trackers

You can always opt to use mobile trackers or phone monitoring software as a means to keep tabs on your device. The d=best apps allow you to track your phone’s real-time GPS location as well as monitor various in-device and online activities.


Hassle-Free Way to Locate a Person By Phone Number and Retrieve Lost/Stolen Device

Another great and hassle-free way to locate a stolen device is by doing a reverse phone lookup. You can use a trusted reverse phone lookup site or people search engine to perform such a search. 

Reverse phone lookup sites are designed to acquire phone number-related information and perform other related searches such as finding a phone number owner. So you might be wondering how this could help when you’re trying to locate your own phone. Well, there are sites, like Kiwi Searches, that include a list of the phone’s location at 15-minute intervals in their report. Now that could be a great way to start your search.

To do a reverse phone search, simply do the following:

  1. Go to a trusted site’s official reverse phone lookup web page.
  2. Enter your phone number on the search bar.
  3. Hit enter or click the search icon and wait for the results.
  4. Access the full report for details that are relevant to your search.


Conclusion: Can You Retrieve a Stolen Device with a Reverse Phone Number Lookup?

Performing a reverse phone search with a trusted site like Kiwi Searches can certainly help you jumpstart your search. Using relevant information from the report such as the device’s location history list could definitely come in handy.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a people finder site?

This is a site that’s specially designed to gather and generate people-related information such as an address, age, educational background, criminal history, and more.

  • Can you locate a person by cell phone number for free?

You could always do a mainstream online search but there would be no guaranteed results. Some sites offer free searches but be very careful in choosing which site you use.

  • How to locate a person by their phone number without installing software?

You can use mainstream search engines or browse through social media platforms. The best way would be to use a trusted reverse phone number lookup site like Kiwi Searches.

  • How to locate a phone that’s lost or stolen?

Use features/apps like Find My (iPhone) and Find My Device (Android). You can also provide the police or your network provider with your IMEI number. You can also opt to use other tools such as mobile trackers and reverse phone lookup sites.

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