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How Long Does A Background Check Take To Be Compiled?

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How Long Does A Background Check Take

Whether you’re verifying the identity of an online date or ensuring that your child’s sports coach is legit, a background check service is a great resource to have. One question that always seems to pop up when looking into these services is, how long does a background check take to come back?

How Long Does It Take For A Background Check To Come Back?

Before the advent of the Internet, the only way to conduct a proper background check was to go through a specialized agency. Hiring one of these agencies was expensive and could take on average 3-7 days to compile a full report. In some cases, that time period could be even longer. Having to wait multiple weeks to receive your background check was not unheard of. For the most part, individuals were not able to afford these expensive services. This meant only large corporations and employers had the ability to perform background checks.

Nowadays, there are more options available for conducting background checks. When using a background screening agency, waiting days or even weeks for your background check is not uncommon. Several factors can influence the amount of time it takes including:

  • The age of the person being searched.
  • Background check service used.
  • Type of background check run.
  • Amount of information being searched for.  


Each background check type typically has a set standard amount of time in which it will be completed. You can expect a general background check to take about 2 – 3 business days to come back. Below are listed the different types of background checks and how long they each take.

  • Instant and Personal Background Check

A personal background check is run by someone who wants to see what information appears about themselves. For example, a job applicant may do a personal check before the hiring process begins, to see what information may come up in an employment background check of them. The typical information that may come up on this check report include past and current living addresses, educational and work history, phone number, social media profiles, and more. An instant background check only takes a few minutes, especially when using a service like Kiwi Searches.

  • Criminal Background Check

A number of things can come up on a criminal records search including sex offender status, past and current crimes convicted of, and court records. Multiple databases are searched like federal and state records, sex offender registries, and public court records. It takes about 1-3 business days for a criminal report to come back, depending on the number of steps required of course.

  • Federal and Government Background Check

When a federal background check is run, it’s usually done so when someone is applying for a job in a school, federal agency, or law enforcement. A federal background search will include a person’s an FBI Fingerprint check, and criminal, employment, and credit history. Since this type of search is extensive, it can take about 20-30 days to get back.

  • Employment Background Check

During the hiring process, an employer will typically run a background check on a job applicant to ensure they’re telling the truth. This includes their educational and work history, and references. Plus, making sure they don’t have a criminal past that could put their business at risk. The employment check process typically takes roughly 2 – 4 business days, but can be longer. When looking for a service to do this, make sure they are certified to run employment background checks.

  • Credit Background Check

A credit background check aka a credit report usually includes a person’s credit and bill payment history. This is important for landlords to know if their potential tenants are likely to pay rent on time. You’ll usually receive your report results within a few hours.

Run a background check on anyone in minutes


So, now you know the answer to, how long does a background check take to compile? If you are planning on running a personal, instant, or criminal background check on yourself or another, consider using Kiwi Searches. You’ll receive your full report faster and at a fraction of the price!

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