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Online Dating Red Flags: What To Notice Before You Meet

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online dating red flags

There was a time when getting a date over the internet was far too scary for a person to consider. Nowadays, we all know people who have had success with, and have even found lasting love with someone they met online. While it’s become perfectly acceptable, many of the same concerns remain. Catfishing, lying, and general dishonesty are constant worries for online daters. Despite the dangers, online dating continues to grow in popularity. While some find happiness, they usually have to wade through a pool of bad choices before finding the prize at the end. Here are some online dating red flags for you to look out for on your ongoing quest for true love.

Old Photos

People often post photos that aren’t exactly up to date. We all have favorite photos of ourselves. Often, we’re much younger in them, usually a little thinner too. Online dating profiles typically only include our “best of” photos. We want potential dates to see us at our best. However, if one of their photos has shows them carrying an MP3 player, you should probably ask for an updated picture.

One Photo / No Photo

Fake profiles tend to have only one photo, usually pulled off the internet somewhere. Having no photo is equally suspicious. How could a person not be hiding something if they won’t put their face on their profile? They best thing to do when you come across profiles like this is to just ignore them. The chances they are who they say they are is pretty slim.

Party All The Time

Out every weekend and always has a drink in hand. This person loves to party. You want a person who likes to have fun don’t you? Why not join the festivities with the life of the party? It might seem fun until the next morning’s hangover. There are times you’ll want a nice quiet weekend, just the two of you, snuggled on the couch. However, your date will be anxiously checking their phone, fearing they’re missing out on all the festivities.

Too Good To Be True

You’re blown away by their profile. Their radiant beauty shines through in every picture. They’ve got the perfect career and they seem outgoing and fun. You just can’t seem to find a flaw. And that should be your red flag. If everything seems just a little too perfect, it just might be. We tend to show our best selves on dating sites, but nobody is that squeaky clean. Pay attention for a crack in the armor.

Just Plain Spoiled

They wear the best clothes and drive expensive cars. They have the dream life. Who wouldn’t want to hang around a person with access to so many pleasures? Unless they’re a self made millionaire, you could be dealing with a spoiled child. They expect to get their way all the time, and someone who may not be ready for a serious relationship.

Never Wants To Meet

Never wanting to meet in person is a red flag. You can only talk for so long. The whole idea is to eventually meet someone, and possibly start a long term relationship. If suggesting an actual meetup gets a constant deflection, you should probably look elsewhere. It could be that the partner they already live with wouldn’t appreciate your meetup.  

Wants To Meet Too Fast

The opposite problem. A person being too anxious to meet up is a warning sign. There’s a time to meet face to face, and a time to write each other on the dating app. You should take time to get to know a person before you take the risk of meeting up in real life. They may not have the best of intentions.

Anger In Any Form

Do they give you attitude if you ignore them? Do they have something to say about how you responded? This is an instant red flag. If they can’t keep it together now, imagine if you begin dating and they stop trying to put up their best face? Don’t tolerate any disrespect.


Run A Background Check


If you witness online dating red flags, doing a person search can help clear the air about who they really are. We all want to meet the right person, but the internet is full of people who misrepresent themselves. It pays to be well informed, especially when putting yourself out there to find love.


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