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Package Delivery Scams: USPS Text Scam

By on 2021-10-27 15:51:03, 0 Comments

How To Avoid USPS Package Text Scam

The number of package delivery scams: USPS scam text has risen in recent years. That’s largely because more and more people have started to shop online to purchase their necessities. At the same time, this has opened up the opportunity for scammers to try and get the personal information of customers. 

The USPS text scam happens a lot during the holiday season. This is why it is important to know how to identify such scams 


How Package Delivery Scams: USPS Text Scam Works

A USPS package text scam usually involves receiving a text from someone claiming to be an employee of the company. You will either receive a call, email, or text saying that you have a pending delivery that needs to be completed. The message will inform you that they tried to deliver the package but were unable to. 

The caller will even try to convince you that the package could have been sent by a family member or a friend so you can pick another schedule to complete the delivery. The best thing to do if you do receive a phone call like this is to do a phone number search using Kiwi Searches. This way you can find out who the scammer is and report that person to the proper authorities. 

These shipping scams usually work because the callers do their best to sound friendly and professional. And since they often prey on the elderly, it can be hard to spot a fake delivery notice. If you receive an email, it could even contain the official USPS logo, which can make you believe it is a legitimate email. 

But you’ll know that you have received a fake text message about package delivery when they ask you to verify your personal information. In some cases, they may even ask you for your credit card information so you can reschedule your delivery. 

You may even receive a text or email that will ask you to click on a fake USPS tracking number to reschedule the delivery. You have to be wary of clicking such links as you could unknowingly download malware onto your computer. Without you knowing it, you’ve already given these con artists access to your personal information and passwords. 

For this reason, you need to be careful believing USPS notification text messages. 


USPS Warns of Package Text Scam: What Is a ‘Smishing’ Scam?

Text Messages Indicating That a USPS Delivery Is Awaiting Your Action

A ‘smishing’ scam is a form of phishing scam that people usually receive via text message. The text comes with an unfamiliar or strange link that will require you to click. 

If you’re positive that you did not order a package from the courier, don’t click the link. Otherwise, you could be a victim of ‘smishing.’ 

Under this phishing scam, you will receive an unknown link that is intended to lure you into providing your personal and financial information. Scammers that use this phishing scam usually claim they are an employee of a government agency, a bank, or another company that you typically trust. 

If you click on the link and fill-up the form, you’ll be giving these criminals access to your personally identifiable information (PII) like your account username, password, date of birth, Social Security number, PIN, credit/debit card number, and any other sensitive data. Once they have this information, they can already conduct financial fraud under your name. 

Courier providers usually have tools that you can use to track a package that you recently ordered. But the difference between these and a USPS delivery text scam is that you have to initiate a text message with the former. USPS does not send its customers a text or email without the request of the customer. And most certainly, it will not contain a link. 

If you did not initiate a tracking request, you are likely being targeted by USPS scams. Whatever you do, don’t click the link!


How To Identify Package Delivery Scams

The most obvious indicator of a fake USPS text or email is that it will typically include spelling and grammatical errors. This is because these scams usually operate in foreign non-English-speaking countries. And as a result, they are unable to conduct a well-written message. 

You should also keep an eye out for messages that say “urgent” or “must respond by”. These messages are trying to get you to act quickly and ignore your suspicions. 

Finally, you should also be careful of messages that will require you to pay a fee to complete a delivery. This is clearly a scam. 

Here are our other tips to identify USPS spam email

  • Distorted or irregularly-sized logos
  • Unexpected requests to obtain money and your financial/personal information 
  • No alternative option to communicate 


How To Report USPS Delivery Text Scam

If you recently received a message that you believe to be a USPS delivery scam text, the next thing you need to do is to report the USPS text message scam

You will need to send an email to Don’t forget to include the following information:

  • Copy the entire message of the suspicious text and paste it into an email. Be careful not to click the link.
  • Include a screenshot of the text that shows the phone number of the sender and when it was sent. 
  • Provide your name in the email. 
  • Provide relevant information in your email: if you clicked on the link, if you provided your personal information, or if you lost money.

If more information is necessary, the Postal Inspection Service will get in touch with you. 


Protect Yourself From USPS Text Scam: 5 Tips

What To Do if You Are a Victim of a USPS Text Scam

When you receive a text message from USPS, it’s important that you ask, does USPS send text messages? Here are some of our tips on how you can protect yourself against parcel delivery scamming

  1. Think – Verify the identity of the text/email sender. Ask why the sender is asking for your personal information.
  2. Do Nothing – Don’t reply to the message. Most importantly, don’t click on any of the links in the message. 
  3. Report – Make sure to contact the company and report the USPS scam text survey as soon as possible so that they can investigate it. 
  4. Delete – Simply delete the delivery notice scam. It isn’t important. 
  5. Block – Call your carrier’s customer service number and have them block the number of the scammer sending the package text.  

Remember, these scammers are after your personal and financial information. Do not give these to them!

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