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People Locator: How To Trace Your Ancestry With Kiwi Searches

By on 2022-08-01 06:38:53, 2 Comments


Do people locator sites really work? Does a free people locator provide accurate information? Can I trace estranged loved ones using a person finder site? What’s the best site I can use to find someone using only the most basic information? If you’re looking for a convenient but relatively inexpensive method, then you are certainly asking the right questions. Yes, people locator websites do work. It can be an effective tool to locate someone, find information on anyone, or even perform a quick background check. The accuracy of information and effectiveness of your search will, however, greatly depend on the people search engine you use. 

Trace Ancestry with Kiwi Searches 

Where is my dad now, and how can I locate him? How can I get in touch with my biological parents? Does my mom still live in the same state? 

Well, there are certainly several ways to trace one’s ancestry. If you’re trying to look for and connect with your biological parents, there are sites as well as organizations that can help you. If you want to reconnect with an estranged loved one, you can reach out to friends and relatives. You can even hire a private investigator if the situation warrants it.

Kiwi Searches is a website that can be a useful tool for tracking your loved ones. It is a people search engine that allows you to acquire accurate data related to a specific person. You can use it even if you only have the most basic information to start your search. Whether you only have the full name, a phone number, or an address, Kiwi Searches is a great place to start. Mind you, this site requires a certain fee; it is, however, a relatively small fee considering the wealth of information you can acquire.


  • Kiwi Searches Person Search

You can use your loved one’s full name to gather the information that can potentially point you to their location. To find a person by name, simply do the following:

  1. Navigate to the Kiwi Searches People Search webpage.
  2. Enter the first and last name of your loved one on the search box. You can also narrow down your search by state.
  3. Click on the search icon and wait for the person search report.

A person search report may include the following information:

  • Known aliases
  • Current and previous addresses
  • Phone number
  • Other contact details(email address, fax number, secondary phone numbers)
  • Social media profiles
  • Education and work history
  • Criminal history
  • Kiwi Searches Reverse Phone Lookup

Let’s say you have a phone number that you suspect might belong to your biological parent or an estranged family member; you can use it to search for more information. Sure, you could simply give the number a call but situations vary and you just might need to approach someone with more caution or care. 

To find someone using a reverse phone lookup, simply:

  1. Go to the Kiwi Searches Reverse Phone Number Search webpage
  2. Enter the phone number in the search box.
  3. Click on the search icon and wait for the results.

A reverse phone lookup report may include the following details:

  • Owner’s full name and known aliases
  • Service Provider
  • Line type
  • Other contact details (secondary phone numbers, email address, fax number)
  • Owner’s current and previous addresses 


Other Reasons to Use a People Finder 

People finder websites like Kiwi Searches can be used for various purposes aside from tracing your ancestry. Whether you want to locate someone or find out one’s identity, a trustworthy people search engine will be most helpful to you.

  • Find a Long Lost Friend

A people finder site can help you find and reconnect with a long-lost friend.  Whether you grew apart and lost contact along the way or you had some misunderstanding and just stopped talking to each other – whatever made you lose contact with each other, you can use a people finder to locate their current whereabouts. You can use their full name or their parent’s name to gather information. You can also use the last phone number you have on them.


  • Verify Someone’s Information

Have you met someone online and are thinking of taking your relationship to the next level? Do you buy or sell stuff online and usually do meet-ups? Perhaps you are thinking of renting a property from or to someone? In all these instances, it would be best to learn more about the person that you are dealing with. It’s not really about paranoia or cynicism; it’s more about keeping yourself and your family safe. It’s easy enough to pose as someone online and those who do so are most likely up to no good.

  • Uncover Someone’s Identity

Have you been receiving unwanted calls and messages lately? Has a family member been acting out of the ordinary and is always on the phone with someone? Did you find some notebook or piece of paper where a phone number or a name that doesn’t ring a bell is written? Well, a quick visit to a people finder site can give you answers. You can learn the identity behind a phone number by doing a reverse phone number search. You can find out about a person behind the name with a quick person search.


Tracking someone’s whereabouts can be tricky and time-consuming. Choosing the method or channel to utilize in your search is already a task in itself. Again, there are many methods available for you to choose from. Use Kiwi Searches for an easy and convenient search that will yield accurate and relevant results.


Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How can I look up a person for free?

You can always do a Google search. You can also check various social media platforms. There are also online white pages and supposedly free people search engines that you can try.

  • How to find someone’s location?

You can use their device’s built-in location-sharing features. You can also use GPS locator apps or monitoring software to pinpoint one’s location. You can also do a person search or reverse phone search to identify one’s current and previous addresses. Kiwi Searches is a user-friendly and reliable people search engine you can use.

  • How to track people using reverse phone lookup?

First, find a reputable site or tool such as Kiwi Searches. Navigate to the reverse phone lookup page, enter the phone number, and wait for relevant results.

  • Is Kiwi Searches reliable?

Yes, it certainly is. Kiwi Searches gathers information from multiple reliable sources which ensures that all information it provides is accurate and up-to-date. It presents information in easy-to-understand reports. Plus, it provides relatively affordable services.

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