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People Search - How to Find Out if Someone Has a Meetme Account?

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Reliable and credible people search engines such as Kiwi Searches enable you to acquire valuable information about someone. Using only a name, a phone number, or even an address, you can pull up extensive reports that could help you acquire the information you want or need. 

When you search people using such platforms, you can access not just personal and public records, but also digital footprints and accounts, including dating sites and social media networks.

What is MeetMe and How Does it Work?

MeetMe is an online dating platform designed for singles who are on the lookout for serious partners and meaningful relationships. It’s an accessible site with an intuitive interface and innovative features. Hence, it now has over 100 million users with hundreds of thousands of success stories. 

The MeetMe website has a mobile app version that can be accessed from almost all types of iOS and Android devices. Anyone aged 13 and app can create an account for free. Those under 18 are required to have their parents or guardians sign the Terms & Conditions; however, there’s no rigid verification process in place to detect or filter minors. Other than that, MeetMe is pretty much a great app.

You can browse profiles and send messages with just a free subscription. But should you want to access the more advanced features, you have to upgrade to a premium plan which would cost you at least $4.17 per month. Paid membership features include:

  • Ad-free dating
  • Unlimited browsing
  • Extensive search filters
  • Anonymous interactions
  • Access to a wide array of profile themes
  • And so much more


How to Search for People on MeetMe and Find Perfect Matches?

MeetMe utilizes cutting-edge matchmaking technology to ensure relevant and high-quality matches. Aside from the proactive match recommendations, MeetMe offers various other ways to find your perfect match.

  • Search Filters. Narrow down your match list using certain parameters and metrics such as age, gender, ethnicity, body types, and more.
  • QuickPick. MeetMe’s version of swipe dating wherein photos of random users are shown and you can either swipe right if you’re interested or swipe left if not.
  • Anonymous Browsing. Using MeetMe credits, you can check out other users’ profiles without them noticing or being alerted.
  • Ask Questions. Pre-created questions that you can use as icebreakers and further narrow down your list by checking who matches your energy.
  • Secret Admirer. It’s technically a game wherein MeetMe shows you several photos and you’ll have 5 guesses to identify who your secret admirer is.
  • MeetMe Live. A streaming service that members can use to get more profile views, meet new people, or receive gifts that are convertible to in-app credits or cash.


How Kiwi Searches can Help You Ensure You’re Dating Honest/True People on MeetMe?

MeetMe is pretty much a safe and secure website. It has essential security tools and standard safety nets in place to keep the platform secure and to offer a safe dating experience. Then, of course, not all factors are controllable by MeetMe, and yes, with over 100 million users, there sure are some posers, catfishers, or scammers you could encounter.

To steer away from such malicious and suspicious users, you could run a basic background search about the person you’re chatting with. Using their name or phone number, you can acquire more in-depth information about who they really are and what they might have done in the past. And the best way to do so is through Kiwi Searches, an accessible and reliable web-based search engine.

Kiwi Searches reports include a wide array of details collated from trusted and official sources. So you can rest assured of the accuracy and credibility of the provided information. 

  • Personal Details

    • Legal Names and Aliases
    • Age and Gender
    • Ethnicity and Religion
    • Address and Contact Details
  • Public Records

    • Educational Background
    • Employment History
    • Criminal Records
    • Property Reports
  • Digital Accounts

    • Relevant Images
    • Social Media Profiles
    • Dating Site Accounts
    • Other Associated Digital Assets


People Search Engine Alternatives – How to Know if Someone’s Using MeetMe?

Kiwi Searches and all websites of its kind offer search services for certain fees. As an alternative, there are free ways of knowing if someone owns or uses a MeetMe account. Note, however, that the processes might not be as efficient or as effective as Kiwi Searches.

  • MeetMe Search Options

MeetMe has previously allowed searching by name within the platform. Since 2019 though, users can now just search by age, gender, and location. So if you have those details and lots of patience, you might find the person you’re looking for in MeetMe.

  • Google Images

Like how you’d normally search for stuff in Google, click on the Images tab on the Menu Ribbon below the Search Bar. Type in and browse through the result to see if the face of the person you’re looking for pops out.

  • Social Networking Profiles

Check out Facebook, TikTok, or other social media sites. MeetMe allows social media integration as part of its verification and security measures. So there’s a possibility to find any linked MeetMe account on their “regular” social profiles.


Thanks to reliable peoplesearch sites such as Kiwi Searches, acquiring information related to a person’s name or phone number has become more accessible and efficient. So whatever your reason is for finding out if someone is using a social media or dating site platform, you can never go wrong with Kiwi Searches.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it legal to use MeetMe in the United States?

Yes, MeetMe adheres to federal and state laws to legally operate and cater to the dating needs of users in the United States and all over the world. It has a myriad of safety nets and security features in place to ensure efficient and successful dating.

  • Can I trust the people with a purple check on MeetMe?

The purple check mark is a sign of authenticity in MeetMe. This means that the profile has been thoroughly verified and validated. 

  • Can I see MeetMe and other online accounts on USA people search engines?

People search engines like Kiwi Searches include in generated reports a list of online accounts (if any) associated with the person or number in question. So if there’s a MeetMe account detected or in any way linked, you’d be informed. 

  • Is Kiwi Searches a risk-free people search site?

Kiwi Searches uses high-end and high-performance security tools and settings to ensure the safety of its users and all data exchanged within the platform. There are also rigid verification processes in place to lessen the number of malicious and suspicious users. Moreover, as per their terms and conditions, MeetMe doesn’t sell user data to third parties.

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