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People Search - How to Find Out if Someone Has an Instagram Account?

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There could be varying reasons why one would want to create an Instagram profile and continue using the social platform. In the same way, there could also be different purposes for verifying if someone’s an active IG user, as well as acquiring one’s details. Whatever your reason is, the use of a trusted and reliable people search engine would be your best option. Check out how exactly such search sites work, and what other options you have.

What is Instagram and How Does it Work?

Instagram is one of the first digital platforms in the social networking industry and is still one of the most widely used ones. And as of 2022, there are over 1.44 billion monthly active users across the globe.

Unlike other social media sites, Instagram focuses on multimedia and digital assets. It’s exclusively designed for photography and videography professionals or enthusiasts. It’s a perfect venue for original content creators or those individuals who prefer valuable content. And since it’s a popular app with billions of users, several businesses have also brought their brands into the platform, boosting their online reputation and broadening their market reach.

Instagram is an easily accessible platform – available in web and app versions which can both be accessed using any internet-enabled device. It’s open for anyone at least 13 years old (unless in regions that – by law – require a higher age limit). 

Here are some of the most loved exclusive features of Instagram.

  • Instagram Stories
  • Story Highlights
  • Instagram Reels
  • Instagram Live
  • Instagram TV (IGTV)
  • Disappearing DMs
  • AR Filters
  • Boomerang
  • Customizable Comments
  • Tag Approval
  • Pre-Scheduled Posts

How to Find and Follow Someone on Instagram?

Like most cloud-based platforms and social networking sites, Instagram has a built-in search function. This feature enables users to quickly find other users, hashtags, or multimedia content. Plus, you can check someone’s account via mutual followers or public posts.


  • Instagram’s Quick Search Function

From the app version’s homepage, tap on the magnifying glass icon or search button located at the bottom. Then on the designated search field at the top of the following page, type in the person’s username/handle, full name, or any other possibly relevant keyword. 

You will then be prompted a list of potential results which you can browse through to locate the profile you’re looking for. Tap on the account and then tap on the Follow button just below the user’s bio.

  • Via Instagram Mutual Followers

Unless your mutual friend’s IG account is set to private, you can view the people or pages they follow and those who follow them. Through those lists, you might as well push your luck and locate the IG account you’re searching for.

Navigate to the person’s – the mutual friend’s – account then tap on the Followers or Following sections located beside the profile pic. You can also tap on the Suggestions Icon (button with a plus (+) sign and human silhouette) located on the right side of the Message button. 



  • Public Posts and Hashtags

Similarly, you can also browse through public pages or groups, as well as trending posts or hashtags. Like how you’d look for a specific account on mutual followers, you can check out the Followers section or tap on the Suggestions Icon.

Kiwi Searches: How to Find Out if Someone has an Instagram Account and How to Ensure You’re Not Engaging with Malicious Users?

If you’re having a hard time manually searching for a specific IG profile, you could always use a trusted and reliable data lookup site such as Kiwi Searches. This is a cloud-based people search and phone number lookup engine that enables users to acquire a comprehensive report of valuable information and relevant details, including Instagram and other social media account details.

  • Is Kiwi Searches a Free People Search or Instagram Search Site? 

Unlike the built-in IG search function, Kiwi Searches is a paid exclusive search engine. But with how extensive the offered searches are and how credible the outputs are, the minimal $0.95 fee per basic report would surely be worth it. After all, you’ll be saved from a few hours of searching and browsing.

  • How to Find Someone’s Instagram Account and Other Social Media Details?

The best thing about Kiwi Searches is that it was designed with regular users’ – including less tech-savvy ones – convenience in mind. Its intuitive dashboard and user-friendly tools can be accessed using any internet-enabled device. 

  1. Navigate to the official People Search Page and type in the person’s name.
  2. Hit Enter to start the search and when prompted, click on the View Full Report button.
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions and browse through the Digital/Online Accounts section of the generated report to see the details of the associated Instagram account.
  • What Other Information Aside From Instagram Profiles Do Kiwi Searches People Search Reports Show?

Aside from the Instagram profile and account details, you can gain access to a wide array of valuable information when you use Kiwi Searches. 

  • Complete Legal Names and Known Aliases
  • Age, Gender, Race, and Marital Status
  • Recorded Relatives and Associates
  • Current and Previous Home Addresses
  • All Known Contact Details
  • School/Work History and Other Public Records
  • Jail Records and Criminal Reports
  • Possibly Related Photos, Videos, and Other Multimedia Files
  • All Other Associated Digital Accounts (including email)

People/Phone Number Search Engine Alternatives – How Else to Know if Someone Has an Instagram Account?

If you’re looking for ways how to find someone free of charge (aside from using the IG search feature), you could try using open-source web browsers and other free social networking platforms.

  • Via Google

Any of your favorite open-source web browsers should work. But if you were to use Google, you could use these formats to significantly narrow down search results.

  • <<person’s name>>
  •<<person’s username>>
  • Via Other Social Media Sites

Instagram allows sign-up via Facebook or Google Account so you could start searching on those sites as well. Since most social sites – especially major ones – are interconnected, you could receive recommendations or prompts from people/users you may know.

Conclusion: Why Might You Need to Use People/Phone Number Lookup Sites Like Kiwi Searches?

People search and data lookup sites like Kiwi Searches make public records and valuable reports way more accessible. And at some point, you’d be needing such vital details – from organizing a family reunion to tracking down long-lost loved ones to verifying someone’s true identity to confirming the credibility of an online seller/buyer. Kiwi Searches aims to streamline such processes or tasks.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best way how to find someone’s Instagram account?

The best free way is to use the Instagram search function. But if you’re looking for the most efficient and reliable method, utilizing Kiwi Searches would be your best option.

  • Is Kiwi Searches safe, secure, and legal?

Kiwi Searches is a risk-free and hassle-free search platform that makes use of modern and smart technologies to ensure smooth and streamlined searching. It’s an SSL-certified site that adheres to all rules and regulations in the areas it operates. So unless you intentionally use the reports for illegal purposes, you’ll be fine. 

  • What other search reports does Kiwi Searches offer?

Kiwi Searches offer six different types of search reports, including person, phone, sex offender, criminal, bankruptcy, and liens & judgments searches.

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