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People Search - How to Lookup Someone's Assets and Properties

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Several tech-advanced platforms are now available to enable remote and efficient searching – from web-based directories to official government websites to reliable people search engines. Hence, even in the comfort of your own home, you can acquire valuable information about someone, including their properties and assets.


Assets and Liabilities – Can I Calculate/Search People’s Net Worth?

To put it simply, net worth refers to the asset value after deducting all liabilities. It’s one of the key metrics used to understand someone’s current financial position. Aside from individuals, net worth is a quantitative concept used on businesses, corporations, other sectors or organizations, and states or countries.

To better understand the net worth concept, here’s a list of common assets and liabilities people could have.

  • Assets or Properties

    • Real Properties
    • Checking/Savings Accounts
    • Motor Vehicles
    • Stocks, Bonds, and Other Securities
  • Liabilities or Debts

    • Account Payables
    • Mortgages
    • Credit Card Balances
    • Car, Student, and Other Loans


Why Find Out People’s Worth?

Looking into someone’s property records or asset value doesn’t necessarily mean poking your nose into their business. It could be a vital step to ensure your personal safety or your loved one’s security. Here are some of those reasons.

  • To Confirm a Business Partner’s Creditworthiness

Increase the success rate of your new business venture by partnering up with individuals who have promising net worths or are responsible for handling their finances.

  • To Evaluate the Risks of an Investment

Before betting your money on a business, check out its current financial position. Weigh the potentials and risks to come up with a more informed decision.

  • To Ensure the Eligibility of a Buyer/Seller

One way of verifying a seller’s credibility is through a snapshot of their finances. In the same way, you can make sure your buyer can afford the products/services you offer.

  • To Check Your Partner’s Financial Stability

Of course, you would want to end up with someone who can offer you stability and security. Plus, you wouldn’t want to be caught up in someone’s financial issues.


How to Search for People’s Assets: 10 Offices or Directories to Look Into

There is no single repository of a person’s or a business’s complete list of properties or ownerships. The good thing is that there are several reliable means and various official sources you can look into to have a clear grasp of their asset value or net worth.

  • Registry of Deeds

They keep records of real property ownerships and deeds, as well as mortgages and liens. You can find a person’s main residences, vacation homes, vacant lots, and other real estate under their name.

  • Division of Taxation

You can also find all owned properties or assets they’re paying taxes for from the Tax Division. This could be residential properties, commercial spaces, landholdings, and more.

  • Department of Motor Vehicles

Motor vehicles, including automobiles, watercraft, and aircraft are also considered assets. You could know what vehicles a person owns or drives.

  • Patent and Trademark Offices

Some patents or trademarks are merely for pride and honor and are financially worthless. But still, most of these are worth millions. Hence, be sure to look into possible trademarks or patents that could affect their net worth.

  • Official SEC Website

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) could provide you with a list of SEC filings and corporate filings. These include stock holdings, corporate agreements, stock options, and more.

  • Probate Courts or Court Archives

Probate filings show inheritance from deceased wealthy relatives. Whether it be in cash or kind, these are still considered assets; hence, could directly affect one’s net worth.

  • Secretary of State Office or Website

SOS offers various valuable reports that can help you figure out a person’s asset value. UCC filings, for instance, are legal forms filed by creditors and usually include collaterals like equipment and business proceeds.

  • Small Business Retirement Funds

In the United States, small businesses are allowed to set up retirement funds to also secure their financial positions in the future. Retirement fund features would usually include the number of earnings, operation costs, and business liabilities.

  • DOJ or Civil Courts

You can acquire valuable court records from the Department of Justice (DOJ) or local civil courts. Such reports could show financial settlements that are then considered assets.

  • Vital Records Offices

Divorce records are considered vital records and can be acquired from the same offices handling birth and death certificates. Divorce filings contain statements of assets.


Kiwi Searches: What Data is Included in People Search Reports?

The aforementioned offices and sites are official sources of information so you can rest assured of the credibility and trustworthiness of the reports. However, you might need lots of time and patience to browse through the results pages to locate the actual information you need.

For a risk-free and fast people search, you can also acquire one’s asset value or net worth using Kiwi Searches, a reliable people lookup site. At Kiwi Searches, we are proactively collating data from trusted directories only. We then constantly update our databases to ensure accurate and up-to-date information. 

We make use of cutting-edge programming codes and multi-layered algorithms to offer streamlined and smooth searching. So with Kiwi Searches, you can gain access to our extensive and comprehensive reports in just a few minutes. These include:

  • Legal Names and Aliases
  • Phone Numbers and Email Addresses
  • Age, Gender, and Ethnicity
  • Current and Previous Home addresses
  • Educational Background and Work History
  • Property and Asset Reports
  • Criminal Records
  • All Other Available Public Records



Acquiring information nowadays is very feasible. This is provided that you’re privy to the right tools and that you know which help to seek.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are properties considered public records?

Yes, property reports are considered public records and these could be requested from official offices such as the registry of deeds, tax division, and county clerks.

  • What is people search engine?

People search engines like Kiwi Searches is a web-based platform specifically designed for data acquisition using people’s names as search keywords. It provides valuable information, including personal details, criminal records, property reports, and more.

  • Are there free people search sites I can use to know someone’s net worth?

You could try using Google or other open-source web search browsers or free digital directories. However, these could be not as efficient as exclusive people search engines such as Kiwi Searches.

  • How to use the person finder feature of Kiwi Searches?

Kiwi Searches is an accessible and user-friendly people search site. Using any internet-enabled device, you can simply navigate to our official page, type in the person’s name in the field, click on the View Full Report, and wait for the official email.

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