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Phone Number Tracker - Crafty Ways To Stop Unsolicited Phone Calls

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Phone number trackers can help you locate a phone’s real-time location on Google maps. Monitoring apps can help you stealthily track an Android device or spy on iPhone with just a number. You can also do a reverse phone lookup to acquire all available information related to a specific phone number. There are even people search engines that allow you to do an extensive search using the most basic information such as a person’s full name. Technology has indeed come a long way.


Risks of Giving Out Your Phone Number to Strangers 

The perks we enjoy thanks to technology come with some risks too. Phone number location trackers, for instance, can be of great help to business owners and parents. They might, however, be used maliciously by some people. Your phone number is meant for you to conveniently be reached by anyone, yet some may use it for their twisted reasons.

Here are some things that could certainly make you think twice before giving out your phone number to just anyone:


  • Contacted by Spammers

You could open up yourself to spammers. Before asking “where did they find my number?”, it could be more helpful to ask yourself “did I give out my phone number to anyone lately?”. How many times have you filled out forms given out by businesses for promos or surveys? 

Some might use your phone number in conducting future promotions. Some would even sell your number to telemarketers and before you know it, you’ll be receiving multiple spam calls and texts.

  • Victimized by Fraudsters

Worse than annoying spam calls, you could be contacted by scammers and fraudsters. They could get in touch with you and try to scam you into giving them money or providing them with your personal information. 

Some fraudsters could use your phone number to steal your identity and scam others by using you as a front.


  • Preyed on by Stalkers

Giving out your number can also be used by stalkers to harass you or prey on you. They can use your phone number to incessantly call or text you. They can even use it to find out about your home address or workplace. This might have a low probability to happen but it can still happen.

  • Targeted by Hackers

Your phone number could also be used by hackers. They can access and gain control of your social media accounts if they wish. They can even try to access more sensitive ones such as your online banking account.


How to Find Out Who’s Calling You?

You can certainly use a phone tracker by number to pinpoint a phone’s location. However, if you want to uncover the identity of the person behind the call, there are more effective ways to do so. Here are some of them.

  • Check on Google

A simple Google search can give you useful information that can identify a phone number’s owner. This is most helpful if you want to make sure that a phone number is connected to a legitimate business or institution as a caller claims.

  • Look Through Social Media

There are social media platforms to require or encourage their users to connect a phone number to their account. The downside is that privacy settings could hinder you from finding out the phone number connected to a user.

  • Check Spam Websites

If you are particularly concerned with finding the identity behind unsolicited calls, you can check spam websites. These sites list numbers that are suspected to be spammers or even scammers. Most sites also encourage site visitors to list any numbers they personally suspect to be used for spam calls and texts.

  • Do a Reverse Number Search

The most effective and convenient way to check out a phone number’s owner is doing a reverse phone number lookup. Make sure to use risk-free sites or service providers that will give you the most accurate information. Aside from the phone number’s identity, you can also find out previous and current addresses.; this makes reverse phone lookup sites an effective phone number tracker as well.


4 Ways to Stop Unsolicited Calls 

One of the risks of giving out your phone number is getting constant unsolicited calls. Good thing is that there are several ways to stop unsolicited calls. Here are some of them.

  • Register for the Do Not Call List

One of the initial steps you can take, which can also be a preventive measure, is to register your number to the National Do Not Call Registry. This may not stop scammers but it could certainly cut down unsolicited telemarketing and unsolicited calls. 

You can go to the website  to register. You will then get an email with a link that you should visit to complete your registration. You can also call 1-888-382-1222 using the number you want to register.

  • Get a Spam Blocking App

You can install a spam blocking app to stop unsolicited calls. You can check with your phone carrier if they have a free app you can install. You can also opt to use third-party apps. Just be careful in choosing the app since some may block legitimate numbers.

Since there’s a chance of an app blocking a legitimate number, you might consider turning it off in case you’re expecting an important call. Otherwise, it’s a great way to stop unsolicited calls.

  • Avoid Giving Out Your Phone Number

This is more of a preventive measure – don’t give out your number to strangers. This is not just about giving numbers to prospective romantic partners. It’s really more about filling out forms and signing up on websites. Your number could easily be sold to telemarketing sites. You can opt not to write your number at all or write a secondary number if required. Of course, this does not include filling out legal forms.

  • Block Unknown Numbers

You can always opt to block a number. This is a built-in feature in mobile devices. You can also report to your phone carrier. This, however, does not guarantee that spammers or scammers won’t be using another number to call you.



Unsolicited calls can range from telemarketing and robocalls to calls from stalkers and estranged exes. Do a reverse phone search to ensure the caller’s identity and take the next best step from there.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a way to find current location by phone number?

You can use a GPS locator or phone tracker app to do this. If you’re more concerned about finding the owner’s address, a reverse phone lookup would be your best option.

  • Should I answer phone calls that I don’t know?

You can wait for them to send a voicemail or text. If it’s important, they probably will. This way. You can avoid engaging spam callers.

  • How do I stop unsolicited calls?

You can avoid giving out your phone number as well as registering your phone number to the National Do Not Call Registry, for starters. You can also install spam call blockers or simply block unknown numbers.

  • How do you find out who just called you?

If you want to uncover the identity behind an unknown call, do a reverse phone lookup. You can use Kiwi Searches to get the most accurate results at an affordable fee.

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