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Protect Your Home The Right Way

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protect your home

You can’t protect your family from the outside world, however, you can protect them in your home. Besides choosing the right neighborhood for your family, many other factors go into securing ones home. These days, numerous products and price ranges exist for digital security. We’re no longer relying on locks and bolts to protect our assets and for good reason. If you’re looking to step up your security game, then check out Digital Security World. From hidden cameras to audio surveillance to GPS tracking, how do you want to secure your home?

Home Burglary Statistics

I created an infographic to show just how a burglar would target you and your home. Despite common belief, more burglaries occur during the day as opposed to nighttime. You would think nighttime would be better since everyone’s asleep, but not to a criminal. Most people are working during the day leaving their homes defenseless and easier to enter. Even if someone is home, what if they leave to go to the grocery store?

The majority of burglars plan their attacks and wait for the person to leave. Theoretically, they could be waiting down the street for you to run errands. Hearing that doesn’t make you feel safe right? Well, this is why you need to invest in a home security system. You’ll never have to worry about leaving your home unattended again.

Surveillance Cameras

This is the first step you take in protecting your home. Just the mere sight of a camera can deter a criminal from stepping foot on your property. The way surveillance cameras work is they’re activated by motion. So, if an intruder is walking on your lawn, their movement will trigger the mechanisms on the surveillance cameras. This is great for parents who regularly come home late from work. I highly recommend the Ring Doorbell Security Camera which allows users to talk to intruders through speakers.

Audio Surveillance

Newer security measures involve audio surveillance. This technology allows homeowners to record conversations that are happening in different rooms. The PRMA Voice Recording Pen lets you record people near and far. The best part? It works just like an ordinary pen which will throw off any suspecting people. With twelve hours of battery life, you are able to record hours and hours of conversation. This is perfect for new parents that are nervous about leaving their children with a babysitter. You could also do a cell phone search on them to be safe.

protect your home

Install Video Surveillance To Feel Safer

Window Alarm

The majority of home break-ins occur through a window. Protect your home by purchasing the Doberman Ultra-slim Window Alarm. You’ll have your very own watchdog without actually getting a dog. To attach the device, you simply have to peel and stick it to the window. The vibrations sensor will detect a window break-in, and this will trigger the alarm. This affordable item is great for anyone trying to protect their home or an apartment and it’s easy to set up.

The patterns of a burglar may change, but the need for home security will never stop. You can’t stop a burglar from choosing your home as its next target, but you can make smart decisions. For example, you can have USPS hold your mail while on vacation to prevent mail theft. When you use top-notch security, you’ll feel smarter and safer when leaving your home for work. A safer world is a better world, and you can never be too careful with your family.

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