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5 Reasons To Do A Reverse Phone Number Search

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reverse phone number search

When you want to get information about someone, but all you have is a phone number, a reserve phone number search is an excellent way to get it.

What Is a Reverse Phone Number Search?

It used to be that if you wanted to contact a person you’d look them up by name. However, there are many instances where you might only have a phone number to go on and need a name. Luckily with internet public directories like Kiwi Searches, you are able to get a wealth of information on someone with just their phone number.

Why Would You Need One?

– You keep getting suspicious phone calls

The same unknown phone number keeps appearing on your phone. They are either leaving no messages or calling and hanging up. Or worse, they leave creepy voicemails or say inappropriate disturbing things to you when you pick up. If you block their number another just keeps popping up. A reverse phone number lookup will be able to tell you who is behind these harassing phone calls so you can put a stop to it.

– Your loved one is getting suspicious texts or phone calls

Your child is constantly chatting with their new friend via text on their phone. While we all like to think they’re talking to another kid, there is a possibility that the person on the other line isn’t who they appear to be. Doing a reverse phone search on your child’s phone can ensure they are safe and give you peace of mind.

– You just started talking to someone you met online

Lots of scammers and catfishers prey on lonely people on dating sites. Even if you did a background check on the name they gave you, it is a possibility that it’s fak. One way to be sure of their identity is to do a reverse phone lookup on their number. That way, you can be 100% sure who is on the other line.

– You are approached by a contractor about doing work

Another popular scam is contractor scams. They approach you about doing work on your house and they offer a great deal on contracting work, but need a cash deposit asap. They often take the name and license number of a real company to fool you into thinking they are legit. Doing a reverse phone lookup on their phone you can prove that they are the owner of the business.

– You get an official sounding call asking for personal information or money

This scam is especially insidious because it uses fear and aggressive tactics to make you think you or a loved one is in serious trouble and needs money immediately. These scammers are especially adept at sounding like your loved one is calling you directly. They use information they get from social media to impersonate a person giving believable details. If you get any suspicious or weird calls from relatives or someone who says they have a relative hang up and do a reverse phone search to see who is actually calling. Then contact the police to alert them of the scammers.

Knowing who is on the other line can save you money or even your life. Doing a reverse phone number search with Kiwi Searches can let you know who is calling or texting you.

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