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How To Locate Your Loved Ones Using A Relative Finder

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Are you looking to reconnect with a relative you haven’t spoken to in years? It’s important to stay in touch with family members since they are family. Even with social media and Google, it doesn’t guarantee that you will find them. The proven method to learn about where your relative is living and what their contact information is is by using a relative finder like Kiwi Searches.

How To Use The Kiwi Searches Relative Finder To Locate Your Loved Ones

Our service is very simple and easy to use for those looking to find their loved one. Below, we detail the step-by-step process of how to use it to learn more about your family member.

– Step 1: Enter Their Name, Phone Number, or Last Known Address

First, you’ll need to enter the name, phone number, or last known address of your relative. To do this, visit our Person Search, Reverse Phone Number Search, or Reverse Address Lookup pages. For the person search specifically, it will be helpful to know what state they live in.  After entering the information, press the search icon.

– Step 2: Sit Back and Relax

Sit back while Kiwi Searches searches its database and public records for information regarding your relative. During this process, our service will let you know on the screen the information it’s finding including name, home address, email address, and more.

– Step 3: View The Search Results

Our relative finder tool will generate a list of possible results matching your relative. For the person and phone search, if you’re unsure what state they live in, you can sort through the results based on state location. Once you have located your relative, click “More Details” and/or “Get Full Report”.

– Step 4: Get Your Report

To view the full details about your relative, you will need to purchase a report. Most relative finder services, including ours, charge to view results. You’re better off using a paid search service as those that are free usually provide highly inaccurate results. For first time users of Kiwi Searches, it only costs $4.99 for the report. 

– Step 5: Learn About Your Relative

On your search report, you will learn much information about your relative.

The report could include:

  • Full Name
  • Past and Current Addresses
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Email Address
  • Where They Work
  • Phone Number
  • Family Members
  • Criminal History

This information and more can definitely help you get in touch with your loved one.


What To Do Now That You’ve Found Your Relative

So, now that you have this information, you will likely try to contact your relative. As they haven’t heard or seen you in many years, it’s important to think about the best way to contact them and what to say. Here are a few suggestions regarding contacting them.

  • What’s The Best Way To Contact Them?: Think about your relative and the best way to contact them. If they’re younger, social media is probably your best bet. If they’re older, calling them (not texting) is likely the preferred method of communication.
  • Keep Your Message Short: Since you haven’t talked with your relative in a while, keep your initial message short and simple. You could say that you’ve missed seeing them and want to catch up.
  • Think About The Outcome You Want: You’re obviously messaging your relative because you want something to come of it. Do you want to see them in-person? Do you need something from them? It’s important to know this in the event you frequently communicate back and forth.

Family is important, and it’s common to lose touch with those we once used to be close with. Make it a goal to reconnect with them, and using a relative finder can help you achieve it.

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