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5 Subtle Signs A Coworker Likes You

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subtle signs a coworker likes you

June is officially here, spring is in full force and love is in the air and if you’ve happened to leave your office window open you and your coworkers might accidentally catch some of that love. How do you know if an office romance is blooming or if your coworker is just being nice? Here are some subtle signs a coworker likes you.

The Find Any Reason To Visit Your Desk

There’s no real reason for them to be at your desk, yet there they are. Whether it’s to make sure you have enough paper clips or to check if your internet is working, this person is always just popping in randomly to say hi. Maybe they are working up the courage to ask you out.

They Get Tongue Tied or Awkward Around You

When you have a crush on someone, sometimes it is hard to act normal around them. The words get lost in your head and you end up saying something weird or awkward. It happens to everyone at some point in your life. If there is a coworker at your job that seems like they want to talk to you, but then clams up it could be one of the telltale signs they like you.

They Take A Genuine Interest In Your Life

Generally people like to keep their work and private life separate. When you ask a regular coworker how their weekend went, you’re just being nice. Nobody actually cares for the most part. However, when this person asks how your day is going, they really care. They ask open ended questions and show an interest in what you have to say. They even take the time to remember something you shared with them previously and will ask about how dear Aunt Hellen is recovering from back surgery. The fact that they pay attention to the smaller details in your life could mean they are interested.

They Send You Articles and Memes In Private Emails or Messages

They saw an article about a topic you are interested in because they thought of you, or send you funny memes that are sort of like inside jokes between the two of you. This means they are thinking of you during the day and might be crushing hard.

They Ask Other Coworkers About You

If someone has been trying to dig up some info on you from your coworkers, it could be a sign they have a small crush on you.


When Dating a Coworker Is Okay

Dating a coworker can be tricky. There are a lot of pitfalls you need to avoid if you want to avert disaster. Many people try to avoid office romances all together, but there are some instances when it is okay.

– You’re In Different Departments

If you work for a larger company and are in different departments there shouldn’t be an issue with working with your partner. There is usually enough distance to make sure you aren’t completely on top of each other all day every day. Also if the relationship doesn’t work out, it will make things less weird. 

– You’ve Cleared It With HR

Most companies have established policies about interoffice dating. Check with HR or your supervisor about your relationship to make sure you aren’t breaking the rules.

– You are Okay With Seeing Your SO All Day Every Day

Unless you work for a large company and are in departments that don’t interact much, it is likely you will be working closely with your new partner. This work environment is good for some couples, for others it is toxic.

– You’ve Got The Dirt On Them

This goes for anyone you start dating. It’s hard to see red flags through rose colored glasses, so before things get too serious doing a background check on someone to see if they have any skeletons in their closet is a good idea.


When Dating A Coworker Is NOT Okay

There are some clear definite no-no’s when it comes to dating in the office. Here are some of them.

– When You Or They Are The Boss/Supervisor

This just creates a weird dynamic and can create a toxic workplace where other workers will feel there is a sense of favoritism. Also you can be opening up your company to legal repercussions if the relationship doesn’t work out and things become awkward.

– Office Has Strict Rules Against It

Don’t get fired over an office fling. If it is true love, one of you should find another job.

– If A Break Up Would Make Things Weird

This goes especially for people who work closely together. Think of your last ex, would you be comfortable working with them day in and day out? If not, maybe a work relationship isn’t the best idea.


What If You Don’t Like Them Back?

Sometimes people like us but we don’t have the same feelings. Here are some tips on how to handle this situation.

– Let Them Down Easy

Be nice, just plainly say you aren’t interested in a relationship with them and like them as a coworker and a person, just not as a partner. Don’t blab to your coworkers about how this person asked you out. It will undoubtedly be an embarrassing moment for them, don’t make it worse by making how they struck out office gossip.

– Be Firm and Clear

Being nice doesn’t mean being ambiguous. Let them know it is a hard pass so they don’t get their hopes up. Don’t lead them on because you like the attention. Let them get over you so they can find someone who may be interested in them.

– If Things Get Creepy, Contact HR

If you’ve given your clear no and they still won’t stop pursuing you, they just crossed the line into harassment. Let HR know so they can handle it appropriately.

Some people meet their soulmates at work. Don’t miss the signs a coworker likes you.

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