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Things To Consider When Looking For An Online Person Search Engine

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So, you want to do a background check on someone to learn more about them. Well you’ve come to the right place! Kiwi Searches is an online person search engine where anyone can search and find people. Before deciding to utilize our people search engine, consider the following points.

Why Do You Want To Search Someone?

There are numerous reasons why someone would lookup a person online. We cannot list all of them. However, below are the most typical reasons.

  • To Find A Long Lost Relative, Friend, or Lover

We often reflect back on our lives and wonder what happened to our past best friend or high school sweetheart. Even if you do a Google, or social media search, it may be difficult to find them especially if they’ve moved or gotten married. By using our person search engine, you can learn what your long lost acquaintance is up to.    

  • To Protect Your Child

New people come and go in children’s lives whether it be a coach, babysitter, neighbor, or online friend. But can you really trust these people? And are they possibly dangerous? The only way to make sure these people aren’t a threat to your child is to run background checks on them.

  • To Look Into An Online Date

In-person dating is a thing of the past. Now, people go one dating websites and apps to find their perfect match, near and far. However, people on these dating platforms don’t always have the best intentions. They could be married, a catfisher, or a criminal!, looking for more information before continuing the relationship is a good way to avoid future heartbreak and trouble for yourself.

Who Do You Want To Search?

Deciding your reasoning for searching a person will help you determine who you want to search. For parents, it could be your child’s babysitter, teacher, tutor, friend, or coach. If you don’t have the person’s full name but do have their number, you could do a reverse phone lookup instead.

What Information Are You Looking For?

Before choosing to use Kiwi Searches, you must determine the information you want to learn about someone. You want to make sure that the info you want we can get for you.

The information that can be included on an online person search report includes:

  • Full Name
  • Phone Number(s)
  • Relatives and Aliases
  • Work and Educational History
  • Criminal History Records
  • Past and Current Addresses
  • Financial History
  • Social Media Profiles
  • And more!

What Is Your Budget?

How much are you willing to spend on an online people search report? Using Kiwi Searches, you can get some information for free like the city they live in and their cell phone carrier. To view the full details about a person, you will need to purchase a report. On Kiwi Searches, it’s only $0.95 for your first search!

Is It Legal?

Yes, it is legal for anyone to use Kiwi Searches online people search engine except in two scenarios:

  • When screening potential and current tenants.
  • When doing background checks on employees during the hiring process.

Run An Online Person Search Using Kiwi Searches!

Now that you have thought about the above points, you can now do your first search! You can rely on Kiwi Searches to get you accurate results fast! We retrieve information about a person from our own database as well as public records. Start your search today by filling out the box below or click here!


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